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Tips to Increase Google PageRank 2013 Update

Many of you already know, or at least those of you that care enough to keep track, Google PageRank (GPR) was recently updated.  It’s always exciting for me when This Lil Piglet rank goes up. Last updated my GPR actually dropped from a GPR 3 to a GPR 2, a little disappointing being that I’m naturally a statistic oriented person. I have issues….cough.  For those of you wondering, Google PageRank is based on a 10 point system, the higher the number the better the rank.  For most blogs similar to my niche and size, a GPR 3 is a pretty decent rank. Llarger websites or blogs actively working on ways to bring up their GPR, you could expect to see a GPR 4-7 with the higher end of  that GPR less likely, depending on variances in the GPR algorithm.  If you’re not registering a rank on the scale or you are at a 1-2, don’t worry, there are ways to increase that GPR before the next GPR update, about every 3 months.

First of all you need to determine why a higher GPR is important to you; does it truly matter? For most of us it does. The GPR algorithm calculates resulting in where you place in search engines; the higher you place in search engines, the more traffic, readers and sales (in some cases) you will achieve.


How is GPR Calculated?


In one word, Links… Google calculates the number of incoming and outgoing links and what type each are.  The short version is that you want as many incoming links and backlinks as possible but not just any; the quality of these links will affect your ranking.  Do-follow links coming from high GPR sites is what you want to strive for.  A great site for achieving these types of backlinks, one you may already be active on, is Pinterest.  


Other Ways to Increase Google PageRank


>> Write quality content more often. Google will crawl your blog more often when there are regular updates.

>> Link to other internal blog posts within your articles and always do-follow internal links.

>> Link to your external social media accounts and specific social media posts of your own (do-follow these types of external links).

>> Create backlink opportunities on other social media accounts, such as Pinterest. It is a good idea to pin an original image from each post; each pin is a backlink. Ensure you own these images (I suggest watermarking each image for copyright reasons) or use royalty-free images.

>> Create No-follow script for external links. You will want to keep any external links to quality blog posts/content do-follow.

>> Guest Post on other higher GPR websites who strive for quality content.

>> Comment on other blogs or in forums; especially those of higher GPR an those who allow do-follow within blog comments. The CommentLuv WordPress plugin automatically links your last blog post when you comment.

>> Submit your blog feed to directories.

>> Simplify your blog category system and navigation and categorize and label/tag blog posts appropriately.

>> Spend time on optimizing each blog post (SEO); I really like the plugin Yoast for WordPress for an overall SEO picture but you should also optimize some keywords/phrases within each post for search engines to pick up on. Better SEO results in higher placement during searches which brings you more traffic, higher traffic/visits means a higher GPR.


Did you notice your GPR increase or decrease this time?  If your GPR decreased or you stayed the same, is there anything you will be improving on?  Whether GPR is important to you or not, there is always something we can all improve on; have you set any blog goals this year?

7 comments on “Tips to Increase Google PageRank 2013 Update”

  1. Thanks for the great tips! I stayed a 2 again this update. 🙁 I did a lot of cleanup work and link building so I was hoping for a change. Thanks for the tips to try before the next update.

  2. I just noticed that Google updated the page rank. I noticed because my site got ranked. I think it was the first time that Google did a page rank update since my site was created.

    It got me thinking about why it is even important. I found a really awesome video that talks about it.

    It is an old whiteboard friday from SEOmoz, but it is still relevant.

    That being said, it was nice to see my page rank go up.

    In terms of blog goals, I would like to see my unique visitors go up and email sign ups. I don’t have an exact number yet, but I have an idea.

    Great post Stacey.

  3. My main site stayed a 4 but my new blogging site went from a 0 to 3!

  4. I’m excited because my rank went up! Woohoo me. How often do they update the PageRank?

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