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10 comments on “Top Disney Valentines Crafts”

  1. I love the heart soaps, but who says that they are limited to the heart shapes. You could make these various shapes for the different holidays…. I’m thinking Christmas or for birthdays. Thanks for the tip.

  2. The folded flowers are soo cute!

  3. The Mickey & Minnie Cutie Valentine’s Candy Boxes are so cute. I haven’t checked any further, but they look relatively easy to make and would make a nice addition to a Mickey lover’s Valentines day.

  4. Oh they are all so cute. I especially like the soaps. Really nice.

  5. This is an adorable idea

  6. Love the bookmarks. Those would go great in my scrapbooking projects.

  7. These are cute.

  8. These are so cute, love them!

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