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Lose Inches with Zerona Canada #FatBeGoneAThon Twitter Party

It’s a new year, I just gave birth to a son and I am eager to lose inches and start getting my pre-baby body back.  Earlier this year I introduced my readers to Zerona Canada, the leader in non-invasive body sculpting procedure designed to remove fat and contour the body.
Zerona Canada treatments are approved by the FDA and Health Canada and far less invasive than liposuction. It’s a fantastic choice for anyone who is looking for rapid inch loss yet not looking to take a surgical route.
Zerona Twitter Party

Zerona Canada Reduces Inches

The treatment zaps fat cells with cold laser which creates a hole or pore in the fat cell. The pores allow the junk from within the fat cell to be eliminated and flushed out of the body. Essentially Zerona essentially detoxifies and flattens the fat cells.
You can read more in detail about the treatment process HERE. My friend Julie attended a Zerona Canada location and had one session where she lost a total of 6 inches over her body in just 40 minutes!

Zerona Fat Be Gone A Thon

In April of 2012 Zerona Canada held a Fat Be Gone a Thon at all of their locations where they tracked the inches lost for the day. All of the Zerona centers across Canada participated and in the end the total inches lost was 550 inches!!
These results may seem astounding and hard to believe but if you head over to the FatBeGoneAThon website you can see actual photos of clients from the day and the amount each person lost!
For more recent testimonials you can head to the ILoveZerona website where folks are raving about their results!

Zerona truly changed my life

“For years I have always had trouble with my mid-section, and then having a child just added to the problem. After years of eating right, exercise I still did not see any improvement. It was disappointing every time I would put my clothes on. Feeling very discouraged, have I seen an ad about Zerona and contemplated going through with it… with much thought and a year’s time of trying my hardest at what I was already doing, and still seeing no result, I called Zerona specialist and I booked my treatments. After the first 3 treatments my clothes started to feel different I was amazed at the progress. It gave me confidence and motivation to keep making positive life changes. With Zerona I lost 8 1/2 inches and 9 pounds with 12 treatments and it truly has changed my life Thank you Zerona.” ~ Leslie Logan, client at Tecumseh Laser Centre in Windsor, Ontario

If you’d like to connect with Zerona you can find them on Facebook or Twitter and they have many reviews available to you on their website and blogs.

Twitter Party Alert!

When: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 – 8pm EST
Where: On Twitter using the hashtag #FatBeGoneAThon
Who: @ZeronaCanada, @SoberJulie (host), @SimplyStacienet, @MommyMatter, @ThisLilPiglet, @ChancesMommy, @MapsGirl
Why: Let’s talk about rapid inch loss, you know you want answers!
Prizes: Open to residents of Canada

  • Every participant will receive 1 free treatment


  • One package of 12 Zerona Treatments
  • free consultation and body composition analysis,
  • and free nutrition consultation. Value over $3000 dollars.

RSVP: Provide your Twitter profile name and url in the link below

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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