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Spring Maternity Fashion Trends

What better way to get out of the winter blues than with a little splash of colour with spring maternity fashion trends for women in 2013.  Being pregnant does not mean you have to sacrifice your style; freshen up with a pop of colour and a couple of new looks this spring. If you like these, please pin and share. 🙂

18 comments on “Spring Maternity Fashion Trends”

  1. Maternity clothing has come a long way from the peter pan collared blouses, right?

  2. This post cheered me up! I am so looking forward to Spring and all the nice colours. I love this yellow purse. I am actually on the lookout for a yellow purse for the Spring. Love the eyeshadow and lipstick too. Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous! I love them.

    • I love the yellow and grey combo this year. I’ll have my eye out for a yellow purse as well; I hope you find the perfect handbag. Seeking out pops of colour made me smile and I’m glad it brightened your day too. Ready for spring!

  3. I just bought maternity skinny jeans yesterday. They are super cute!

  4. These are cute.Thanks for posting.

  5. Maternity clothing has come a long way in the past 20 years. Or so it seems to me from what I remember of them.

    That is a really good thing! These items look really nice.

    • Maternity clothes have come along way even in the last 13 years and that is a really good thing. LOL It’s great that mamas-to-be can be stylish too.

  6. I am not pregnant but if I was,I would rock these clothes

  7. I really love that striped dress!

  8. I like the dress with the yellow purse verra much! What I am not a huge fan of though and perhaps my age is showing, is when girls wear “maternity” tops that clearly are way too small and the bottom of their bellies show. I like when I see a stylish pregnant woman, though the area I live in is sorely lacking in the stylish anybody section!

  9. These are adorable!

  10. such cute clothes

  11. They have such cute clothes!!!! And it is so awesome that they have accessories to match each outfit!! How cool is that!!

  12. Hi, Just wondering if you could share the sources for some of the items? I love the black and white striped shoes, the grey tunic top, and the watermelon colored leggings. Also, where is the striped dress from? Great picks!

  13. I also agree with Wendy! I would love to know where some of these clothes can be purchased. I love the grey tunic top as well as the striped dress!

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