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#Friendship Comes in all Forms

My heart has been put to the test over the past 10 months. With the happy news of our newest addition and the 9 months of wonderful experiences leading up to his arrival came another portion to our story, one of sadness and heartache. I won’t write about personal details on my blog, even those that involve a larger cause for reasons I cannot refer to. Even though many were unaware I was having a hard time, I found the most outpouring support  in recent months in some of the most unlikely places. True friendship can be found in places you never thought possible.


I have had time over the last few months to ponder the importance of things in life and what most may take for granted now seems like the most important. It’s times like these were the smallest gestures become the most cherished. A simple inquiry into your day or an offer to help have brought me back to thinking of the days were people, neighbors, helped each other out. I am saddened that this is no longer common place. I know we all get busy but think of how little acts of kindness could mean the world to someone, someone who may be going through something hard.  Try complimenting someone on how nice they look that day or ask if they need help watching the kids so they can go on a date with hubby sometime.  This might be just what they need for a lift.


Over the past months I have had the privilege of acquiring many great friendships, both in person and in the blogging/social media community.  Some of my closest friends are people I have only recently met at a blogging conference, some I have still yet to meet in person but that doesn’t stop us.  Friendship stretches across the miles and can be found in all forms.


I’d like to dedicate this post to my blogging friends who gave me a lift, some unknowingly, when I needed it most these past months; I cannot tell you how special that is to me.  A little laugh at one of your comments, writings or even passing the time conversing on social media has meant the world to me, be-it something as little as occupying my mind so as other things could not.  When I was further surprised with a gesture of this baby gift for my new little guy, Ro, I was in awe of the generosity.  Thank you so much for the sweet sentiments and thoughtful baby gifts: $50 PayPal & Shoppers Gift Card from these amazing Canadian Bloggers and to my friends Christine of Life on Manitoulin and Julie of Sober Julie, thank you for a much needed Bjorn Infant Carrier; I have already put it to good use on my recent trip to Costco.


If you have yet to follow these bloggers, I encourage you to do so; these ladies are some of the most genuine people I have come across in a long time.

Thanks again ladies, Baby Ro and I send our love. xo

9 comments on “#Friendship Comes in all Forms”

  1. Such a sweet post! The people in the Canadian blogging community have been great to work with. I look forward to meeting more of you throughout the year. We’ll have to have a special meetup since a few of us live in the same province. 🙂

  2. Wish you all the best Stacey! You are such a wonderful person! I hope everything will be ok!

  3. This is a beautiful post Stacey and I’m sending all the best wishes and hugs to you!!! You’re such a wonderful and genuine person, you deserve good things xo

  4. It’s amazing the small gestures in life can mean the most! We are here for you – night and day 🙂 Thank you for this post!

  5. Such a beautiful and heartfelt post.
    My twins came into the world with a lot of heartache and pain but it was the people in my life that loved and supported all of us that reminded me of how beautiful the world can be.
    I am so glad you have those people in your life too.


  6. OH Stacey you’re so much more than a far-away friend, you’re one of the chosen people whom God put into my life to build me up when I’m weak. I’m blessed to have you in my life, whether we’re laughing our heads off miles away on the phone or in person I suspect we’ll be having fun in life for a while together….

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