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Love is in the Air for Pork Chop

Love is in the air this spring with this burly love bear hailing from Newfoundland.  Pork Chop sports a brindle coat, weighs 200 lbs (last time on the scale), has 5 years of experience in the ways of land, water and love and hosts a vigilant watch.  Some of his favourite past-times are long walks on the farm, tug-boating in the coulee, chasing off varmints and feeling the drool swinging from his jowls  Don’t judge. Love is in the air for this giant teddy bear. Insert giggle here.


It’s been a long winter here on the prairies, even for a dog who lives for the snow.  We’ve had Pork Chop since he was a big fluff-ball of a puppy 5 years ago.  He has been through 2 moves, 2 additional human babies to the family and many more animal additions on the farm and with age remains that happy fluff-ball we first brought home.  Whenever any of us have a bad day we can always be assured Pork Chop will greet us with his happy prancing self, wagging his tail awaiting us to love him up.  He is our pet, our family and our gentle giant protector that I would trust completely around my children.


Lately I’ve been thinking more about loved ones around me and realized that one of my most devoted fans hasn’t received the recognition he deserves. He has been at the sidelines, my personal cheerleader, all without asking for anything beyond the basic necessities. Sure I have showed him my love in ways I know how to communicate, I don’t speak dog after all, but feel like he needed this extra attention for being my biggest supporter.  I cannot imagine life without Pork Chop, although I know that time will come and when it does we will be beside ourselves with the loss of such a faithful companion. Until then we will love him, create memories with him and remain his biggest fans.


Do you have any pets you consider part of your family?

5 comments on “Love is in the Air for Pork Chop”

  1. Love this post and isn’t wonderful how special our pets are to our families. With our dog Jessie being our first fur baby we have experienced so many wonderful times with her. When both kids arrived we definitely felt as if Jessie’s role shifted but recently she had 2 leg surgeries and we realized how important she is and how devastated we all were to see her in such “ruff” shape. It has been an important lesson to us to not take anyone for granted not even our pets!!

  2. I love this post. Just sayin’. xo

  3. What a beautiful dog! We have a Newf as well but he is crossed with a cheaspeake bay retriever (named Newton). Such a loving dog, gentle. He is truly part of the family for sure. He is in our family photos every year and is growing up with my kids (My first son was born the same year he was).

  4. Oh my gosh your dog is SOOOO CUTE!!! We have a dog, Ruger, who is my lil baby 🙂

  5. What a sweetheart! He is a gorgeous boy and your family is so blessed to have him!!!

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