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Outdoor Mom Summer Fashion Looks for 2013

We have been enjoying some sunshine and warmth this last few days which had me going through my summer clothes, many that no longer fit since Baby Ro was born.  I see many adorable fashions on the market but sometimes it’s hard to know what to put together for a complete look.  Living on the farm doesn’t stop me from loving fashion but I choose styles that are versatile.  Here are 3 summer looks for moms who love to spend time outdoors.

For the Mom who loves a quiet moment on the porch

Casual Womens Fashion

For the Mom who loves to garden

Outdoor Mom Fashion Looks

For the Mom who loves a night by the campfire

Womens Camping Fashion

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One comment on “Outdoor Mom Summer Fashion Looks for 2013”

  1. Ooh, cute looks. They’re sensible and feminine. Plus, it reminds moms to put a little time into themselves.

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