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Tweet a #Smiles4Breakfast for a Year of @BurnbraeFarms Eggs

We have eggs for almost every recipe here on the farm; they are full of nutrients and delicious so it’s only natural we enjoy them daily.  Of course each family member has their own favourite way to eat an egg, Hubs loves his in homemade burgers, I love mine in casseroles, the older kids like to have a couple hardboiled eggs in their school lunchbox and Baby Girl likes hers scrambled loaded with cheese. No matter which way my family likes their eggs, eggs are one food that make us smile.


Eggs are not just for weekends

Scratch the breakfast in a box, eggs are not just for weekends. Start your day right with one of these healthy egg breakfasts to fuel your families bodies in under 5 minutes!

  1. Have a healthy omelette like the TRADITIONAL VEGGIE AND CHEESE OMELETTE, just prep your veggies and cheese ahead.
  2. Cut out the center of a piece of bread, crack and egg in the middle and fry or try the Hole-In-One.
  3. Prefer a Smoothie? Try this Morning Blender Boost
  4. Crack an egg in a small round microwaveable bowl, put a slice of ham and cheese on top, cover & microwave for 1 1/2-2 mins and place cooked egg on a toasted English Muffin or try the Swiss, Ham and Egg Sandwich with a quicker Egg Creations ingredient.

I’m always running my kids here, there and everywhere; it’s not always easy to have a healthy meal, especially on hectic mornings but eggs are a quick but healthy alternative to packaged breakfasts.  Together with Burnbrae Farms, This Lil Piglet is Giving away TWO gift packs (2 winners) for a one year supply of eggs in coupons, a $135 CAD value per gift pack.  Burnbrae Farms is encouraging you and your family to play with your food and tweet a #Smiles4Breakfast image for your chance to win a year supply of eggs.


  1. Create any sort of smile out of your egg breakfast and take a picture (ie: image above); no fancy text needed. Get creative but remember only family friendly images will be eligible.
  2. Upload the image to Instagram, or another image service that allows you to tweet.
  3. Tweet the image using the #Smiles4Breakfast hashtag to @BurnbraeFarms . Only images tweeted with this hashtag will be eligible.
  4. Tweeting your image with the hashtag is not enough, once you do so, come back here and enter the giveaway in the Rafflecopter form below.
  5. Open to Canadians only. For full rules and regulations, please view them HERE.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I am a Burnbrae Farms ambassador. I received compensation in exchange for my participation in this program however this does not determine my viewpoint. The opinions on this blog are my own.


63 comments on “Tweet a #Smiles4Breakfast for a Year of @BurnbraeFarms Eggs”

  1. This is genius! Who wouldn’t want eggs for a whole year. We love eggs… I’m going to have to think of some craft pic opp.

  2. Oh i love eggs almost any way, scrambled, fried….I’m a HUGE egg lover

  3. I like my eggs over easy.

  4. Soft boiled.

  5. I love omelettes.

  6. Love eggs any which way they can be cooked! 🙂

  7. Creamy scrambled eggs are my all time favourite.

  8. I like my eggs fried.

  9. I personally thing eggs are best simply fried with salt & pepper.

  10. I like my eggs fried with a side of bacon and hash browns.

  11. Eggs benedict.

  12. I like my eggs smothered in hollandaise sauce. 😉

  13. I like my eggs sunny side up!

  14. Scrambled!

  15. Cooked as an omelette and stuffed with mushrooms, cheese, and caramalized onions!

  16. Fried or scrambled!

  17. I prefer to cook my eggs by scrambling them.

  18. HUGE lover of eggs here and love all preparations.

  19. Scrambled eggs with asparagus and smoked salmon.

  20. I love my eggs over easy!

  21. Definitely over easy… I love using a toast point to burst the yolk!

  22. I gotta say my favourite way to eat/prepare eggs is sunny side up.

  23. I like poached eggs (I sprinkle crushed salted crackers over them!)

  24. Scrambled with cream — YUM!

  25. I prefer omelets because they’re so versatile.

  26. Sunny side up

  27. I may be old fashioned, but I’ve always loved boiled eggs in the form of deviled eggs.

  28. Liked my eggs scrambled (but really, eggs are delicious is SO MANY ways).

  29. Over easy with a little dash of cayenne.

  30. I like eggs with cheese melted on them

  31. I like fried eggs because it takes next to no time to cook.

  32. Scrambled with jalapenos.

  33. Sunny side up, the mere sight makes me happy.

  34. I love eggs prepared all ways, esp. if they have cheese!

  35. Greek omelet (chopped olives, tomatoes, scallions, and feta cheese).

  36. Ever since I was a kid, my favourite way has been to soft boil eggs.

  37. IMO, the yummiest way to prepare eggs is as an omelet.

  38. Fried because it’s easy peasy.

  39. I like scrambling my eggs and stirring in sour cream and chives to make them extra creamy.

  40. Poached!

    Italian style: Toast with pesto, topped with a roasted tomato, and topped with a poached egg.

  41. I love eggs whichever way they are cooked.

  42. I love eggs in frittatas.

  43. Loved BLET – bacon, lettuce, fried egg, and tomato.

  44. Scrambled. A family favourite is salami, tomato, and ricotta scrambled eggs.

  45. Fried.

    I especially love fried eggs in sandwiches. Sliced steak, fried egg, broiled tomato, and mustard on baguette is one of my standbys.

  46. Boiled – and they can be eaten in so many ways. Devilled, egg salad, as a spread, etc.

  47. I love easy side up

  48. I love my eggs over easy.

  49. scrambled

  50. scrambled is the easiest for me

  51. We don’t have a preference!! I love them any way i can get them! DS22m loves them scrambled eggies or ommy.. (omelette) right now but will eat them hard boiled, fried and poached!

  52. I love sunny side up or scrambled eggs

  53. i love my eggs sunny side up with bacon and hashbrowns

  54. Frittata or omelet are my fav!

  55. i like that eggs can be cooked differently for family members different tastes..i like mine over medium

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  57. I LOVE poached eggs but mostly make em scrambled!

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  59. great contest

  60. Wow, wonderful contest,…..

  61. I prefer my eggs poached or in an omelet.

  62. I love soft boiled so I can dip my toast in them!

  63. I prefer my eggs sunny side up

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