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Finding Nemo Hand Print Fathers Day Gift Idea

Father’s Day is right around the corner and Disney Junior is looking forward to celebrating the men in our lives for being the best Dad’s out there.  This month Disney Junior has another full schedule and a contest just for you too, a car!  I’m sure that grabbed your attention.


Premiering on Disney Junior on Saturday at 6 pm ET, a loving father and son relationship is put to the test when one son gets swept away and his overprotective father sets out on an underwater adventure in Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo.  Along the way to save his son, he meets his unforgettable friend, Dory and other memorable hilarious characters to help him find Nemo.  Finding Nemo is one of our favourite movies to giggle along with, naturally we wanted to celebrate Nemo’s appearance with a few Nemo themed treats.


Finding Nemo Themed Treats & Gifts

Fishbowl Jello

This project cost me $5; $3 for 3 bowls at the dollar store, $2 for the Jello (2 boxes) and $1 for the fish gummies.

  1. Make the jello according to directions and pour into the fishbowls. Cool to set in the refrigerator.
  2. Just before setting you can use a paper towel to skim off the bubbles (I didn’t do this step because I didn’t mind the bubbles).
  3. Insert a knife straight down from the top of the jello and slide your fish inside so you can see it swimming in the bowl.


Hand Print Clownfish

This craft cost me $1. I purchased the frame from the dollar store and the rest I already had.

  1. Purchase or spray paint the frame white.
  2. Print the saying out on a printer before you start.
  3. Using orange craft paint put your little ones handprint (s) on a piece of paper and once it dries, paint white stripes and eye over top. I then used a black marker to trace the white stripes and eye.
  4. Place in your frame and gift.


You can colour your own Finding Nemo printables over at Disney Junior but that’s not all, on Father’s Day Disney Junior will be playing your favourite series featuring male role models throughout the day.  Make sure you set your PVR’s this weekend.


Win a Family-sized 2013 Toyota Prius v!


You’ll want to keep your eyes on Disney Junior for the month of June; Disney is giving away a family-sized 2013 Toyota Prius v valued at $33,000!  Not only can you enter to win over at, you can increase your chances of winning by watching Disney Junior! Just keep your eyes peeled for the Toyota Prius to pop up on the screen; when it does write down the code for bonus entries.

Here’s how they can earn up to 100 bonus entries: 

1.    Watch Disney Junior weekdays in June, between 5-7pm ET. 
2.    Spot the Toyota Prius v with a different Bonus Code each day, and enter that code at Disney Junior.
3.    Each correct Bonus Code is worth 5 extra entries – and there are 20 different codes – a new one each weekday between 5-7pm ET!


How will you celebrate Father’s Day?
Disclosure:  I’m part of the Disney Junior Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Adorable crafts! I’m going to have to make some hand print art with my little guy sometime soon.

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