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Clowning Around at the #ShrineCircus and a Trip for 4 to Florida

When my older kids were young, a trip to the Shrine Circus under the big top was never missed.  As soon as we saw that big red tent starting to go up in town, the kids would not stop talking about it until we went to the circus.  We were so excited to see all the talent and animals.  The elephants were always the favourite. My kids would wait almost vibrating in their seats, eyes flickering about for their first glimpse of the elephants and once their sights were set on that beautiful animal their eyes lit up with sparkle.  Have you ever seen an elephant up close? From now until midnight on September 22nd, 2013 you have a chance to win a TRIP for 4 to FLORIDA to visit the Two Tails Elephant Sanctuary for that up close and personal experience.

In 1984 Theodore H. Svertesky (1954-1994) and Patricia L. Zerbini, a ninth generation Zerbini Family Circus member, founded the Two Tails Elephant Sanctuary in an attempt to accommodate Asian and African elephants in need of temporary or permanent housing.  The Two Tails Elephant Sanctuary is a place where retired elephants or those in need of medical care, displacement or temporary homes can enjoy a climate and habitat similar to their native countries.  Since then Patricia Zerbini began educating about elephants in private and professional programs and All About Elephants, Inc. was born.




Between now and September 22nd, 2013 at midnight, you’ll be able to enter for a chance to win a family trip for 4 to vacation at the Two Tails Ranch in Florida! Open to Canadians, prize approximately $4000 CDN value. 

*For full rules and regulations please read HERE


Shrine Circus Discount!


If you’re in the Greater Toronto Area you can see Marie & Shelly, two of our amazing elephants,  touring with the Shrine Circus. For tickets in the GTA, Ottawa and Quebec get your TWO for ONE general admission tickets by using the discount code FUN.

See you at the Circus!


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