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Rub a Dub Dub with #JohnsonsNatural Special Moments


Shortly after holding Baby Ro in my arms I experienced my first nursing bonding moment. In the first day after birth I changed his first diaper and gave him his first sponge bath; he wasn’t very fond of those firsts but they are moments I hold dear. Now that he is going on 4 months he enjoys our daily bath time ritual; what once was a bath filled with cries is now filled with giggles and splashes.

Baby Ro loves to be snuggled warm in his blankets; I can’t say I blame him, I’m exactly the same. Even in the heat of the summer he loves to be snuggled against me. I learned quickly to cover his little body up and have everything ready for go-time. The initial touch of the warm water on his little tush gives him a little start with arms and feet flailing every time he dips beneath the warm water. As soon as he feels the warmth over him he’s full of smiles and chatter. Unfortunately I have to be careful with which products I use on his skin because he has eczema. I prefer to use products that are more natural and mild for sensitive skin.

I was given the opportunity to try out the JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® products on his sensitive skin. I was a little leery about trying something new but his skin has been so dry lately, even after repeated applications of baby lotion, that I wanted to try something else in hopes that it helped reduce his symptoms. I noticed right away when applying the  JOHNSON’S® HEAD‐TO‐TOE® and  JOHNSON’S® BABY SHAMPOO® that the product provided less lather, a cleaner feel. The JOHNSON’S® BABY LOTION® was light-weight, absorbed quickly and didn’t amplify his eczema. I was pleased the product had a light scent, unlike other products which seem to irritate his skin. I’m concerned about what I put on my children and was happy to learn that JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® baby bath time products are made with 97-99% naturally-derived ingredients. JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® products are also paraben-free, dye-free and phthalate-free.


Baby Ro may not have his eczema cured but I did notice a big change in the number of flare-ups since using JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® baby bath time products, a big deal in my books. Now instead of worrying if I’m putting chemicals on his skin, I can enjoy the smiles we share during our morning bath times and our baby massages with baby lotion.


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Disclosure: Product provided as promotional consideration to This Lil Piglet by Johnson & Johnson Inc.


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  1. Alright… that baby is seriously adorable. GET HIM IN COMMERCIALS. He is adorable Stacey!

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