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For some of you the new school year has already started; my kids don’t go back until the first week in September and let me tell you, it couldn’t come fast enough. Kidding. Mostly. Saving on school supplies is a priority when you have more than one child in school, as I mentioned in my tips for Saving on Back to School Supplies.


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To help you save, I’m giving away a Staples Canada gift card with a $20 value; all I ask is that you tell me what your favourite thing about back to school is in the form below. There are also a few other ways to gain bonus entries. Open to Canada. Good luck!
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This is not a sponsored post; I am supplying this giveaway on my own.

78 comments on “$20 @StaplesCanada Gift Card Giveaway”

  1. We get back to some sort of routine.. Don’t do well with routine in the summer.

  2. Favourite thing about Back to School – that I don’t have to do it

  3. I like back to school shopping ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I like the weather that back to school normally brings (autumn) and getting back onto a schedule.

  5. getting back into a routine. and I have some ME time:)

  6. All that fresh, crisp, new, lined paper, it’s a beautiful thing

  7. Love that it is the beginning of fall, my favorite season!

  8. favorite thing is the stories they come home with

  9. My favourite thing about back to school is that i get some alone time with my youngest and not have to juggle with 2 all day long!

  10. favorite thing about back to school is seeing the kids settle into their new year and new room at school; things get back to routine and all is well.

  11. I like the routines that school brings

  12. I like that it feels like a fresh start every year and I wonder what cool things they will get to do this year and it get alot quieter around the house lol

  13. My favourite thing about back to school is not rushing on the weekends. We camp every weekend which is tons of fun but everything is squished into 5 weekday evenings which is tiring.

  14. I love going out to get supplies to use in my classroom!

  15. I love shopping for school clothes and supplies! Also,love the routine it brings~

  16. I like that the kids get into a routine and are learning instead of being bored and fighting with each other.

  17. Buying the new school supplies!

  18. Back to school = routine, cooler weather, packing lunches and learning.

  19. I miss my daughter and the summer so I don’t really love back to school. I’d have to say I enjoy the earlier bedtime with back to school the most.

  20. After a summer of constant activity I always enjoy that first morning of back to school & take some ‘me’ time to experience how quiet the house is!

  21. I like all the sales that go along with back to school time.

  22. This is going to be my sons first year in school, so I don’t really have a favorite thing yet, but I do love the shopping for school ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. I like seeing my kids going into another year of school and growing and learning.

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  24. My favourite thing about back to school as a teacher is the look on my students’ faces when they walk into their new classroom! I can’t wait to get down to work and play with my new group!

  25. I love the back to school shopping! Also, by the time September (actually about mid August lol) comes around, I find the kids have had enough time off, and need to get back to that routine! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. As a child it was seeing my friends again; as a parent it’s spending extra one on one time with my baby while my older daughter is at school.

  27. I love back to school because kids are out for most of the day and I finally get some time for myself and into a routine!

  28. I like school shopping for my kids

  29. My favourite thing about back to school is hearing if my boys got the teacher they wanted and if their friends are in their class this year.

  30. Shopping for supplies. So fresh and so new.

  31. My favourite thing about back to school is getting back into a routine. We get so overtired during the summer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. New courses, new things to learn, it’s just exciting haha

  33. New clothes!

  34. i love shopping for the kids new clothes

  35. Back to school means the household gets back into a routine again.

  36. life seems to get back to normal lol

  37. looking forward to the kids learning new things, getting back into after-school activities, and having an established routine

  38. My favourite thing about back to school is shopping for new things and also the kids will be back to school and I will get some extra time to be alone and get things done more efficiently

  39. Peace and quiet!

  40. My favorite thing is getting back into a regular schedule.

  41. shopping for school supplies.

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  43. I enjoy shopping for all the supplies

  44. I always loved back to school shopping – new supplies, a few new clothes! Always exciting ๐Ÿ˜€

  45. My favorite thing about back to school has always been buying the back to school supplies. Now that I have kids I can enjoy that again. But it will also be nice to get back into a routine again.

  46. I like the feeling of a new start and a time to start working hard again.

  47. I feel sorry for the kids personally; school is way too stressful these days. I guess the best thing about it is getting back into a routine and scheduled week.

  48. My favourite thing was how the kids were so often awestruck by the new info they were learning.

  49. My favourite thing about back to school is getting back into a routine!!

  50. I like when they get home from school and seeing how the day went.

  51. New activities, fresh routines, stories about friends and fun had at school

  52. Super pumped about back to school this year! I will have 3 boys in school and only 1 at home! I can’t wait to see my big boys grow with knowledge and become little men

  53. meeting new friends

  54. I like that the malls aren’t so crowded once they are all back.

  55. I like see the ids get back into a routine and also learning as they grow.

  56. i like the shopping deals

  57. Best part about going back to school is either making new friends, or seeing how your old ones changed.

  58. My favourite thing about back to school is having some me time and getting back to routine.

  59. I love the leaves changing colour…

  60. I love the kids going back to school because then I don’t ear I’m bored all the I enjoy the quietness

  61. maury with a coffee lol

  62. I like buying new school supplies for everyone.

  63. i like that we are returning to a routine, i work full time at it’s much easier to manage the family when the kids are at school

  64. I love that my children are learning and socializing and that I get a few hours a day to myself!

  65. The routine. knowing what will happen daily.

  66. The peace and quiet

  67. favorite thing about back to school is that the malls and stores are quieter during the day.

  68. I love school shopping with my kids!

  69. The house will be quiet again

  70. I like to do some shopping for the grandkids.

  71. the excitement in the air

  72. my fave thing about back to school is getting back on a schedule.

  73. I like going shopping for school supplies

  74. I love shopping for back to school!

  75. I like the quietness… how my house stays clean longer then 30 mins!

  76. School supplies shopping!

  77. I love new school supplies!

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