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Keeping it Smooth With $85 Nair Prize Pack

Our tweens and teens are back to school and eager to look and feel their best for the new school year. Having two girls who have hit puberty, we have considered all hair removal options. I don’t necessarily think they need to remove the hair on their legs but they feel better about it.  As different as my girls are with their personalities, so are their hair removal preferences. Nair has a full line of new hair removal options just in time for back to school for preferences in cream or wax and This Lil Piglet is giving away an $85 Nair prize pack to one luck Canadian winner.


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This Lil Piglet is giving away an $85 Nair Prize pack (pictured above) that includes the following:

  • NAIR Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care Facial Hair Removal Trio
  • NAIR Brazilian Spa Clay Perfect Temp Wax Strips – Legs & Body
  • NAIR Brazilian Spa Clay Perfect Temp Wax Strips  – Face & Bikini
  • NAIR Shower Power Hair Removal Cream – Sensitive Cream
  • NAIR Shower Power Hair Removal Cream – Moisturizing Cream for Dry Skin
  • NAIR Crème Hair Removal Cream for Dry Skin


It’s simple to enter, just fill out the form to tell me what yours or your childs favourite thing about back to school is. You will have other entry options to gain bonus entries as well. Open to Canada only.

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77 comments on “Keeping it Smooth With $85 Nair Prize Pack”

  1. My favorite thing about going back to school is getting the kids out of the house! I can actually here myself think!

  2. No screaming in the house

  3. New courses, new professors, meeting friends!

  4. gettting back on a routine that the kids know and quietness around the house
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  5. getting back to a schedule.

  6. Seeing their friends again that they haven’t seen all summer

  7. I loe the routines that come with back to scool. It’s nice to get everyone back on a schedule

  8. The quiet…. ohhhhhhh the quiet! That would be my favourite part of back to school.

  9. My favorite thing about back to school is all of the deals the stores have!

  10. My favorite thing about back to school is it always feels like a fresh start , what great things will this year bring for the kids at school , what cool things will they get to do and a little more peace and quiet around the house is always nice too lol

  11. My son’s favorite thing about school this year is they are using iPads in class.

  12. I like that the malls become less crowded once the kids are back to school.

  13. For me it means that Fall is coming which leads to crisp cold air! It also means that I don’t have the grandchildren as much as I do during summer, which I have mixed feelings about!

  14. Having the house completely to myself again – and not getting interrupted when I’m in the shower!

  15. I like that everything goes back to normal and more of a routine.

  16. new clothes

  17. I love watching my won make new friends.

  18. Getting quiet time lol

  19. I love that it means fall is right around the corner!

  20. I get extra alone time with my youngest. It’s so much harder to handle 2 kids full time than just one little guy. It’ll be a nice break.

  21. Routine. Pure routine.

  22. My favourite thing about back to school is the excitement of a new year.

  23. My kids favourite thing about going back to school is seeing their friends. My favourite thing is the routine.

  24. I love seeing new friends, or my kids seeing their friends!

  25. back to routine

  26. I love back to school. We get back into a routine again.

  27. The kids seeing their friends they haven’t seen all summer

  28. i love all the new clothes!

  29. My kids love going back to school so they can see all their friends! I love that they are back into a routine and I get some “me” time!

  30. New routines and activities – I love hearing all about my daughter’s day when she gets home from school!

  31. My child loves going back to school because she gets to be with her friends and I believe she enjoys the routine.

  32. The peace and quiet

  33. I love that we get back into a routine and that my child is learning!

  34. having some normalcy, and a schedule

  35. When my son goes back to school I’m going to love getting back into my routine – and not having a constantly messy house!

  36. My favorite thing is getting back into a good routine and schedule for everyone.

  37. I love getting the house back to myself – quite

  38. I love all the new school supplies!

  39. I love all the sales and promotions that happen this time of the year!

  40. I love all the clothes shopping!!

  41. Back to school shopping!!

  42. My favourite thing about back to school is getting everyone back into a routine!!

  43. meeting new friends

  44. Shopping for clothes!!!!

  45. getting new shoes

  46. I like getting new school supplies for everyone.

  47. just started preschool but I would say her friends

  48. i like getting back to a routine

  49. The routine.

  50. For me going back school means that fall is fast approaching. This is my very favorite time of year. I also love having a routine again.

  51. The peace and quiet!

  52. I enjoy having a little more time to myself.

  53. I am looking forward to routine again. LIke to see what the kids have to say every day when they get back home from schools.

  54. The necessary shopping before hand!

  55. Bouquets of sharpened pencils

  56. I guess, just getting back on a good schedule with everything. Our summer was all over the place. Other than that, I feel badly for the kids.

  57. I kinda like having the kids back on a routine and structure — and learning. They get way too bored during the summer, and all they do is play on their phones and watch TV. Yuck.

  58. The house will be quiet:)

  59. shopping

  60. My favourite thing is the peace and quiet.

  61. Shopping for school supplies and school clothes!

  62. Showing off the new backpack…

  63. Shopping!

  64. shopping for clothes and shoes!

  65. My house is clean during school hours haha

  66. My daughter’s fav thing about back to school is seeing old friends!

  67. The shopping for sure!

  68. I love the silence the falls upon us when the last one walks out the door to school!

  69. I enjoy buying new school supplies.

  70. I like seeing my kids learn and grow and make new friends and seeing old friends

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  71. I love how the malls get back to normal with all the kids in school.

  72. The best part of the kids going back to school is getting back some me time

  73. I like getting back to a routine

  74. Getting back into a routine!!!!!

  75. It’s definitely much more quiet in the neighbourhood when the kids go back to school lol

  76. shopping for new shoes! LOL

  77. I love the crisp air in September and being able to wear layers finally! Going to school in style and having those first few days without homework is the best! New binders and feeling SUPER organized is always wonderful!

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