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New Kelloggs Canada Products Giveaway #BacktoSchool

We’re amping up ready for the kids to head back to school on Tuesday and with back to school comes lunch box ideas.  At the beginning of the year I have a lot of fresh ideas to choose from to keep my kids eating healthy and excited about their lunch.  Come mid November-ish ideas are getting harder to come by and the kids are getting bored.  Like all kids, mine like to have a little treat with their meal but I try to include a healthier version of the average treat. Kelloggs has come out with some healthier new snack ideas to alternate through the lunch box or for after school snacks.


Instead of potato chips, try these low calorie baked Popcorn Chips; my personal favourite is the Sweet & Salty but both are very good and satisfy cravings.  Special K* Popcorn Chips are a lightly seasoned, savoury snack that satisfies your craving for something salty and crunchy, with 80 calories per 20 piece serving. Available in two delicious flavours: Butter and Sweet & Salty.



Many schools have a no-nut policy but for kids without allergies, nuts can be a very good source of nutrients.  Try giving your child a brain and energy boost before school with these Vector Protein Bars or after school before they hit a sports practice. With 11 g of protein per bar, Vector Protein* Chewy Bars can help you get nutrition you need for your active life. We’ve put in lots of crunchy nuts and dipped it in a smooth chocolatey coating for a sweet and salty taste and chewy, crunchy texture. Available in Peanut and Mixed Nut.



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64 comments on “New Kelloggs Canada Products Giveaway #BacktoSchool”

  1. my fav is veggies and dip or fruit and yogurt dip

  2. I can’t wait to try the chips

  3. My son loves fruit, so I like to send him stuff like grapes that hold up well in a lunch kit and down brown up, and he’s a fan of cheese and crackers.

  4. Wraps are always great for lunch!

  5. I like to cut snacks for my kids into fun shapes at home or in their snacks for school always gets them interested in eating it!

  6. We do a lot of finger foods for lunches to make them easy to eat, cheese cubes, cut up veggies & fruit, crackers, cold meats cut up etc

  7. I love those yogurt cups for lunches and grapes are nice for lunches too when they are not to expensive

  8. I like to eat granola bars and fruit for my lunch box

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  9. I like finger foods for lunches like veggies and dip, mini rice cakes, sandwich wraps etc.

  10. I like making salads for myself. For my grandkids they like rollups alot! I find rollups so super versatile because the fillings are pretty much limitless!

  11. Granola or cereal bars,banana muffins,cheese & crackers,yogurt,cheestrings.etc,,

  12. Trail mix is easy and portable – and great snack food on the go!

  13. My grandkids like cereal bars, puddings and fruit

  14. Fruit kebobs are always a hit with the kids.

  15. I like granola bars and little bags of mixed nuts.

  16. My kids love taking from yogurt tubes to school and by the time they eat them at first recess they are melting and very cold 🙂

  17. leftovers like homemade pizza or chili

  18. I love finger foods like veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, or cut up kalbassa

  19. I like making fruit “kebabs” for the kids’ lunches.

  20. Sushi sandwich rolls using a wrap and whatever fillings are in the fridge.

  21. For work lunch, I love taking whatever protein I have left over from last night’s dinner and packing it with lettuce leaves to use as wraps. That way I have a filling lunch without it being too “heavy”.

  22. My favourite lunch tip is making extras during dinner to have for lunch the next day.

  23. My girls like cut-up fruits/veggies with dip and sandwiches cut out with cookie cutters!

  24. My boys love muffins and their ‘mixed snacks’ (couple animal cookies, teddy grahams, dried fruit, crackers, ect – whatever is opened in the cupboard lol)

  25. We love fresh fruit and veggies, home made muffins, salmon sandwiches, cheese and crackers.

  26. Veggies and hummus, fruit and yogurt dip, gluten free wraps, gluten free wraps or soynut butter and banana sandwiches lol.
    My little loves bear paws, carrots and hummus, granola bars and sliced apples.

  27. Pizza pretzels and fruit

  28. I love cut up veggies (I keep precut in my fridge) and hummus

  29. My son likes homemade treats like banana bread or zucchini muffins in his lunch!

  30. I love making my granola and mini muffins. The kids love them and I know exactly what’s in them since it’s made at home.

  31. Veggies in a bag with a dip 🙂

  32. I love frozen grapes for the lunchbox – they keep it cool and if they haven’t completely defrosted by lunchtime, it is almost like having an Italian ice!

  33. salsa and tortilla chips

  34. We’re a sandwich family all sandwich all the time 🙂 treats are a nice addition though 🙂

  35. Love taking greek yougart to work, melba toast & the kids love strawberries & grapes, easy to grab snacks!

  36. granola bars, fruits, cheese, dried fruits

  37. I like bringing a homemade fruit plate (container) with yogurt to use as a dip

  38. My daughter loves her cut out sandwiches

  39. I really like fruit and fruit dip, chips and dip or veggies and dip. I also still cut the crust from my bread and sometimes make shapes out of my sandwiches for fun

  40. carrot and celery sticks, chocolate pudding, granola bars, and a simple sandwich (pretty much any type of meat, but cheese and lettuce are a must).

  41. Tuna melts are delicious!

  42. Left over Pizza is the best for lunches. Can’t go wrong with Pizza!

  43. Sandwich, fruit, jello or pudding and some cheese, juice or milk

  44. Fruit & yogurt are huge. She loves cheese & crackers as well.

  45. Fruit is a must.

  46. I always add carrot sticks. Also grapes and cheese is a big hit.

  47. Egg or chicken salad sandwiches sliced in strips so they become finger food is a favorite lunch. Some cut up apples with Carmel to dip and a few Hershey Kisses also goes over in a big way!

  48. I love finger foods like chips ,crackers, cheese, veggies and fruit.

  49. Cheese and crackersand apple slices

  50. Veggies with Dip, Cheese and Crackers

  51. I love cheese ,crackers and grapes

  52. I love an assortment of cut up meats and veggies with crackers. Finger foods 🙂

  53. Crackers, cheese, veggies, dip!

  54. My son loves crackers,cheese, turkey or chicken and fresh fruit!

  55. I love hummus and veggies and cheese and crackers.

  56. Popcorn they love it after school

  57. I like different varieties of salad.

  58. Fruit, veggies, yogurt and nuts.

  59. I like veggies & dip. I am hoping someone would make a single serve yogurt cup sized tzatziki!

  60. I like to have different type of snacks in each lunch: Fruits, granola bars, cookies, cheese etc.

  61. I love having hummus, pita, and cucumbers.

  62. Lunches always have cheese crackers and fresh fruit.

  63. I love making muffins for snacks, both sweet and savory. The perfect portion size and I can sneak in fruits and vegetables without my picky eater noticing 🙂

  64. I love a bagel with peanut butter and banana`s. I just can`t grow up. lol

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