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Protect Your Family: Locating YOU by Uploaded Pictures

WARNING to Parents

I love Instagram and sharing proud moments like this to my readers; I think it makes me more personable too but not without the proper security measures. I’m an advocate for taking extra security measures when it comes to my family or loved ones, especially with the constant advancements of handheld technology. Did you know that by posting a picture of your child to social media apps, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flikr to name a few, their location can be pinpointed by GPS, an option available in all smart phones? Right down to the location of your home, their school or where they play, along with dislikes, likes, what the rest of the family looks like can end up in the wrong hands with bad intentions. Scary, right?


Protecting Your Privacy

Every parent, caregiver, aunt, uncle or really anyone should watch this to know how to protect themselves with smartphone location privacy settings.




Just as easily people can right-click, save and use your photo’s. Yes it’s against the law but by the time they are caught, if ever, the damage is done. So what’s the fix for this? Watermark your photo’s. You can easily find watermarking apps in the app store of your smartphone to watermark and save right before uploading your image. Don’t forget to turn OFF location services.



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  1. SO very true and absolutely it is scary! Thanks for the great reminder!

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