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Halloween Tricks and Treats with @hallmark_canada #HallmarkPressPause

pics-n-props-halloween-kitHalloween has to be one of my top holidays. I love everything about it, the creativity of dressing up, the homemade themed treats, the scary movies and of course the little ghouls, goblins and princesses trapsing about the neighbourhoods. We don’t get too many trick-or-treaters showing up at our door on the farm but we do make a point to decorate and throw a little Halloween party for the kids and their friends. This year Hallmark Canada has made it easy to put a little fun into Halloween with new products I’m excited to share with you.


Take this  Pics N Props Halloween Party Activity Kit for example; it’s great for photo’s, party invites and Halloween party fun! Kit includes: Photo props, masks, backdrop and coordinating 4 x 6 album and retails for $19.9f at the HALLMARK REWARDS offer. We’ll be creating many spooky memories with a Halloween themed photo booth at or upcoming costume party. We’ve down a photo booth with props before and it was a huge hit with the party-goers.



Baby Girl loved this “Whoo’s Watching Me?” Singing Owl so much so that she repeatedly presses the button. Repeatedly. It is an adorable Halloween decoration and I love seeing her dance and sign along so to share the fun, Hallmark Canada is allowing me to give one of my lucky Canadian readers an owl of their very own. Make sure you enter to win in the rafflecopter form at the bottom!


Hallmark Halloween Offers


Alive & Talking Pumpkin – Motion activated

Lights up and says fun Hallmark phrases.



Fortune-Telling Magic Mirror


Motion activated – This spooky fortune teller will appear and share delightfully frightful predictions.

OFFER $24.95.










Make sure to follow us along at #HallmarkPressPause for all Hallmark seasonal promotions and offers and follow my Halloween costume party over on Instagram.

Giveaway ALERT

owlOne lucky Canadian winner will recieve one “Whoo’s Watching Me?” Singing Owl which retails for $29.99. It’s simple to enter, just tell me what your favourite costume that you remember dressing up in or what your childs costume will be this year in the form below. Bonus entries available in the form.
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56 comments on “Halloween Tricks and Treats with @hallmark_canada #HallmarkPressPause”

  1. My daughter is going to be Cinderella, with long white gloves, according to her those are the most essential part of the costume as that’s pretty much all the talks about!

  2. I’m not sure what they’ll be this year, they keep changing their minds. Last year they were a frog and a firefighter.

  3. Me and my best friend we conjoined twins. We made our costume..

  4. I dressed as a hippie for a few years. I loved the crushed velvet pink bell bottoms in that costume!

  5. My child is going to be a pirate this year

  6. When my second son was a toddler/preschooler we had this awesome costume that I bought from the Disney Store. It was Eeyore, and the costume talked. The button was on the inside of the glove and it said “Hi, I’m Eeyore” and “Thanks for noticing me”. I wish I still had that costume. He wore it for 4 years in a row until there was no way he could squeeze into it any more.

  7. My son is going as iron man and my daughter is cinderella!

  8. he wants to be thor

  9. My daughter is going to be Cinderella, and my son is going to be a red power ranger

  10. My favorite costume as a child was of a vampire!

  11. We lucked out on some really cool home made costumes for adults, sponge bob and Patrick, which is the name of my oldest child, who love Patrick so much that he bought a patrick ball cap. We found them on a local buy and sell site for $5 each!! My youngest son is going to wear a light suit, which will be very cool.

  12. A witch and a Christmas gift

  13. My favourite costume was Cookie Monster that my mom made for me

  14. my son wants to be a vampire ghost …. momma getting creative with a sewing machine this year

  15. My favorite costume was Pocahontas. I looked good and somehow managed to come up with a fully authentic costume including jewelry.

  16. In the 60s/70s, my Mum made Indian costumes for my sister and I (not exactly politically correct!). They were made out of potato sacks and were terribly itchy! My daughter is dressing up as a Unicorn this year.

  17. I remember when I was 16, I dressed up as a muscle woman

  18. I loved being costumed in a 1940 floppy dress

  19. it was a beautiful princess costume when I was a child

  20. It was a giraffe

  21. My favourite costume I wore was a Carebear costume in the 80s.

  22. My son’s costume this year will be a zombie

  23. I was a gerbil for a couple of yrs. I loved it because it was the only costume my mother sewed for me :)!

  24. I dressed up as a doggie!

  25. My fav costume as a kid was a Wonder Woman costume my Mom made me.

  26. I loved dressing up as Cleopatra one year.

  27. When the kids were little I liked this one black bear costume. Wonder if I have any pictures stashed away anywhere. 🙂

  28. My kids will be Mike from monsters inc and the youngests (7 months) and dog will both be bees!

  29. Last I heard Miss R was going to be a witch but there’s still a week until Hallowe’en so that may change.

  30. Little Red Ridding Hood

  31. My boy will be a vampire this year.

  32. My daughter is going as a care bear this year sooooooooo cute! Love Halloween it’s my fav!

  33. i was elvira twice

  34. My best costume was a Road. I wore all black, glued felt stripes on for the lines on the roads, plastic street signs and Hot wheel cars were pinned on. I won best costume out of over 1000 people. They loved it.

  35. my brother an i used to go as raggedy ann and raggedy andy

  36. My daughter looked wonderful as Belle!

  37. My 4 year old is going as a Lion.

  38. a greek goddess

  39. I was an elephant

  40. My 2 year old daughter will be a carebear this year

  41. My son is dressing up as a banana in pajamas character…lol

  42. I remember dressing up as Pennywise from “IT”

  43. im dressing my little one a fat little pumkin, it is so cute, her pudgy little face will match her costume well,lol

  44. My 4 year old son made his own costume this year, he is going to be a ghost! So special with his decorations on it!

  45. my daughter is going to be a little “good witch” she says!! this will be the first year she really knows whats going on!

  46. I made an eeyore costume for one of my kids and even though it took me forever, it was my favorite

  47. When I was little my mom made me into a ace of spades playing card, I loved it!

  48. We will have a Minnie mouse and a Monkey

  49. My girls what to be princess this years..

  50. My daughter wants to be a fox this year.

  51. My favourite costume was a clown costume.

  52. My favorite costume as a child was being a witch

  53. Spiderman and a witch!

  54. I remember LOVING my little red riding hood costume!

  55. My Daughter will be dressing up as a bumblebee this year.

  56. My son is being a Monkey!

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