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Bonding Moments at Bedtime #JohnsonsNatural

Johnsons Natural Bedtime Routine

From the time the kids were in my belly, I have had a nightly routine. Each evening during pregnancy I would have a relaxing warm bath, read and sing to my little ones growing inside before drifting off to sleep. My eldest is now 14 but no matter how old my children get I have always felt a nightly routine to be an important bonding time between parent and child.


My littlest, Baby Ro, is the hardest to have much of a routine other than feed on demand but for the most part there are certain tasks we do each night that are standard across the various ages from infant to teen.  As a mom it’s not always easy to let go and allow children to be independent and responsible for their own care; I often remind my kids when it’s their bedtime to brush their teeth and have a shower. In reality these reminders may be annoying to my tweens and teen but it’s my way to show them I love them. When I’m all done for the evening I make sure to check in on each child to kiss them on the forehead and tuck them tight between their covers before heading to bed myself.


Natural Baby LotionThere are certain parts of the whole nightly routine that I consider favourites from a parent point of view, the little precious moments of time that I will only have once.  After a snack, bath time is first on our agenda. Baby Girl and Baby Ro share a bath together because it’s easier but also because the they like to splash water and play with toys in the bubbles that have formed. I choose products like the improved JOHNSON’S® NATURAL  to wash my littles because it is gentle on baby’s skin, free of paraben, dye and phthalate so I can concentrate on things that matter most, enjoy being in the moment.


Hubs is usually on reading duty with the 3 year old, a step in the bedtime routine that we never miss, so I can take Baby Ro down for his nightly baby massage using a gentle and soothing lotion, like JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® Baby Lotion, before our snuggles. After a full day with kids demanding my attention, these are the few quiet moments I can spend alone with my youngest while I nurse him to sleep for the night.


What is your nightly bedtime routine? Is there anything that works best for your littles as part of your routine?


Disclosure – I am participating in the JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® Blogger Campaign by Mom Central Canada on behalf of JOHNSON’S® NATURAL®.  I receive compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion.  The opinions on this blog are my own.




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