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Connecting the Dots With OXY Clear Skin

Back to School Teen Acne

It’s been almost two months since the kids have been back to school and they’re well settled into the routine of school, sports and social awareness. My 3 older kids are at the ripe ages of preteen and teen and are more concerned than ever about their appearance.  God forbid they might have a pimple. Remembering back to being a teen, teen acne was important; I wanted clear skin just like my peers and often those with blemishes were ridiculed, as sad as that is kids can be cruel.  That’s why it’s important for me to ensure my teens are armed with a skin care regimen for the clearest skin possible, using products like OXY®.


OXY Body Wash Skin Care for Teen Acne

To me, my kids are beautiful no matter what but when my kids come to me with worry or resistance to go to school because of something like acne, I want to fix it. Naturally self-confidence is something learned over time and for some, it doesn’t come easy.  As a nursing mom in my thirties, I still get the odd pimple; it’s annoying and embarrassing at any age, especially for those with severe acne.  OXY® has a new lineup of acne treating products to help achieve that clear skin we all want. OXY® may not be for everyone but for those who are looking for help; it may be for you.  Squeakers especially seems to have bumpy skin; upon further investigation the Doctor mentioned acne. I had not realized it could be acne; I assumed it was a rash or allergy reaction.  She has since started using the ® OXY Daily Defense Hydrating Body Wash following up with a non-clogging lotion and has already noticed a big improvement in the overall smoothness of her skin.


OXY® Effective Acne-Fighting Products


OXY Acne Treatment Skin Care

OXY®, a trusted skin care brand for over 30 years, is re-introducing its product portfolio with new
and improved products and formulations that will be among the most highly effective and easy to
understand on the market. The products, part of two lines called OXY® Maximum Action and OXY®
Daily Defense, are uniquely segmented and include new packaging that clearly spells out product
benefits, active ingredients and recommended usages.



More information on OXY® can be found on their websiteFacebook and Twitter.


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  1. Tell me in the comments below how the changing weather has affecting your skin.
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56 comments on “Connecting the Dots With OXY Clear Skin”

  1. my skin is getting dryer

  2. I think this year has officially topped any or my teenage years when it comes to break outs. I had about 10 or more on my chin, cheek etc. I never had this and I am old….lol. IHowever, if I won this prize pack, I would share it with my niece. Sadly she has inherited my brother’s genes and although it looks like an extreme heat rash, she has it and if progresses like his did. He is someone that tried Acutane years back and it went over horribly. Topical skincare products have evolved so much since then. I would think she would have some great results with Oxy.

  3. Changing weather, especially living in Upstate NY negatively affects my skin. I get very itchy and dry, and it makes my skin tone look uneven

  4. My skin gets super dry in the winter, and oily in the summer.

  5. I have definitely gotten more acne the past few weeks.

  6. my skin gets really dry in the winter.

  7. Because of the colder, dryer weather I have to use a thicker moisturizer which isn’t good for my combination skin. I’ve been breaking out more.

  8. I have noticed that my face is dryer.

  9. My skin starts to dry out this time of year.

  10. The cooler weather really dries out my skin and it tends to be flaky in spots

  11. The weather changing has made my skin drier than usual.

  12. My skin has started to feel very tight, and itchy… I think this is going to be a horrible winter for skin!

  13. My cheeks tend to dry out and my T zone gets greasy at this time of year.

  14. The weather here in Victoria has been lovely, but very very dry for about a week now. My skin is so fricken itchy!

  15. More dryness in the winter.

  16. my skin gets dryer

  17. my skin gets really dry with the cold weather,,!!

  18. My skin gets much dryer in the winter and itchy too

  19. Constant cold winds dry my skin out

  20. My skin is not as oily as it was when I was younger. I have been buying Oxy for my daughter for several years. Her skin is so much healthier with very little outbreaks and they occur so rarely. Thank you for the mention on Twitter 🙂

  21. My skin is getting dryer the colder it gets.

  22. I am finding I am breaking out more, and have dryer patches of skin with the weather changing.

  23. my skin gets really dry in the winter time

  24. my skin is dry and breaking out with this weather change.

  25. My skin is drier yet I am getting breakouts of acne – yuck!

  26. With winter coming the air is alot drier, hence it affects my skin.

  27. The cold weather makes my skin even drier…aging also is taking its toll!

  28. It has it more dried right now, but it has been hard in the summer because I have oily skin. This is the kind of treatment my skin needs!

  29. Most of my skin has become a lot drier and itchy. The skin on my face, however, has been breaking out even worse.

  30. The cold makes my skin dry which makes it over compensate and make it oily

  31. ugh, much drier – especially my hands and legs. i’m also losing my sunny ‘glow’ from the summer 🙁

  32. the cold dries my skin out, i’m also menopausal which adds to the fight

  33. It makes my skin so much drier in winter!

  34. Cold weather always dries out my skin.

  35. My skin is getting dryer and dryer, I am adding moisturiser regularly.

  36. My skin gets dry and as a result my skin becomes more sensitive and has more breakouts.

  37. Making my skin really dry and itchy!

  38. dry dry dry and itchy

  39. my skin is becoming so dry!

  40. Definitely getting dryer!

  41. My skin gets very dry in the colder weather

  42. My skin is becoming noticeably more dry.

  43. i’ve noticed the skin around y nose is getting dry around this time of year

  44. My skin gets dry but still greasy

  45. now the weather is getting colder i get really dry skin, and on my hands they get so dry they crack, its horrible. my face wich could use it dries out a bit

  46. My skin is dry and sensitive so the cool dry weather is challenging, add the wind and it gets very red and dry.

  47. My skin is a mess right now. SO dry and gross!!

  48. Skin is beginning to dry out 1 month into fall. Thank you.

  49. drys out my skin and cracks 🙁

  50. Like most, with harsh winds and cold weather, the skin drys out and causes blotches. And to think that there is 6 more months of this to come!

  51. My skin is defiantly not doing good with this changing weather! My nose is starting to flake and my chin gets dryer as it rubs against my coat. But my forehead is oily haha 🙂

  52. It actually doesn’t seem to affect it at all.

  53. my skin gets dry real dry and itchy

  54. My skin get so dry

  55. My skin has been getting drier, but my daughter is breaking out more!

  56. My excema has flared up with the cold dry weather

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