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Egg Carton Halloween Spider Nest Bouquet Craft


Halloween is upon us and naturally around here that means the creep factor just went up 10 notches.  Just this last weekend we had a group of the girls friends over for a Halloween sleepover; the party was not short of Halloween themed food, games and a haunted house fit for tweens.  That was when the girls costumes, or at least one, were still cutsie. Since then Squeakers decided her Alice in Wonderland is now a dead Alice and left me scrambling for accessories like death warmed over. Thank goodness for my tickle truck of craft supplies and leftover Burnbrae Farms egg cartons.




I wouldn’t want to see these two creeping up the walk tonight; will it be a trick or treat? They look scary but they’re really just a couple of sweeties however I’m their mom; I have to say that. Muahahaha…




Baby Girl helped whip this creepy crawly spider web nest bouquet for Squeakers while she was away at school, just in time for tonight’s haunting. I think a spider web bouquet is the perfect touch to a dead Alice, don’t you think?



  • egg carton
  • spiders
  • cotton balls
  • skewer sticks
  • Halloween mesh netting or tulle
  • hot glue
  • black spray paint



  1. Cut the egg carton into individual cups and stick a skewer or stick in the middle of each. I used food skewers I had in the drawer already but any stick will do.
  2. Pull apart a cotton ball to look like a nest, enough to fill the egg carton cups and using your hot glue squirt around the stick inside the cup and quickly place the cotton into the glue before drying. Continue with the remaining egg carton cups until all are complete.
  3. Gather into a bouquet and begin wrapping with the Halloween mesh or tulle. I weaved the netting between each egg flower cup to make it look a little more filled in and continued wrapping around the handle. Glue the mesh in place on the handle and a couple spots to secure the bouquet.
  4. Go outside and spray the entire bouquet with black spray paint and leave to dry. This does not have to be perfect, it should look creepy and aged; a few sprays of paint will do.
  5. Once dried, glue the spiders onto various spots on the bouquet and accessorize that perfectly creepy costume.



Is there any last minute decorating or accessorizing you are doing?


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Disclosure: I am a Brand Ambassador for Burnbrae Farms; this post was created in part of the program. All opinions are those of This Lil Piglet and 100% my own.





2 comments on “Egg Carton Halloween Spider Nest Bouquet Craft”

  1. I adore this! What a different and creative idea! You can bet I’m pinning this and that next Halloween I’ll be carrying around one of these bouquets!

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