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Eyeballing YOU Timbit Cake Pops

Eyeball Donut Hole Cake Pops



Donut cake pops you ask? Yes! These “cake pops” are so easy anyone can do them. The baker in me is completely against this; I mean it’s not a cake pop unless you slaved over the recipe of a truffle-like texture from scratch, right? Wrong. I came up with the bright idea to host a Halloween party for 12 tween girls this weekend. Before the words fell from my lips, I was already kicking myself. The entertainer in me insists on a themed spread of good food, all made by your truly, and entertainment and I certainly did not have the time to bake from scratch all the little themed eats I wanted to spread out.


Hubs didn’t seem too keen on the idea of coming up with Halloween entertainment for a bunch of girls but I know secretly he’s loving every minute of plotting his scare tactics, better known as a haunted house. All I’ve been hearing over the last few days are sounds of saws, drills and the eerie sounds of god knows what decorations he has going on out in the garage. Apparently it’s off limits until the big reveal.


Entertainment, check. Food, check.


Back to these tasty Eyeballs. Really. These Timbits may look disgusting but they are delicious and are the perfect addition to your coffee and the best part, they are super easy to make!




  • 40 donut holes or Timbits if you’re Canadian, no glaze or powder
  • 3 1/2 cups of white melting chocolate wafers
  • 1 tube of decorator icing, red
  • Eyeball candies (I purchased these at a cake decorator supply shop but you could simply use chocolate chips)
  • red food colouring
  • appetizer sticks
  • toothpick
  • wax paper




  1. Lay out a strip of wax paper large enough to fit 40 donut holes and set your work station by the stove with appetizer sticks and donut holes.
  2. Heat the melting chocolate in a small pot on low heat, stirring regularly to avoid buring.
  3. Once the chocolate has melted has a smooth consistancy, turn the heat off to allow to set a bit. You do not want the chocolate too runny but not too thick either. I waited about 5 minutes, stirred well and went to work.
  4. Stick an appetizer stick in a donut hole and dip into the chocolate; roll to evenly cover, tapping the stick on the side of the pot to get rid of most of the extra drips. Turn the chocolate covered donut hole as it begins to dry to keep the smooth consistancy and place upside down on the wax paper. Continue until all donut holes are covered.
  5. After the donut holes are completely dry, about 10-15 minutes, dip a toothpick into a drop of red food colouring and draw erratic lines out from where you want the eye centre to be. Squirt a round dollup of red decorator icing at the eye centre and place the candy eye in place. I used extra red icing so it would squish out around the candy eye and look even more gruesome. Insert witch cackle here. Continue until all donut cake pops are complete.


I had a little helper so we decorated each eyeball completely one at a time but if I were to do it alone, I would probably do all the lines for all 40 first then move onto the next step. Find whatever works for you.


What donut hole cake pops will you be making? If you like this, I would love if you would show me some love and pin it on Pinterest.




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