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Howling Good Time @MattelGameOn Giveaway #GameOnParty

For Halloween we threw a big party and sleepover for the girls and 7 of their closest friends. Family and friends came out to enjoy the festivities and were challenged to a game on party not short of creepy treats and interesting costumes. As a family we regularly play board games together. With access to so many electronics, it’s important for us to take the time quality time together with a Family Game Night. Board games are a great bonding and teaching moment; interacting one on one with each other allows us to be a little competitive and build the skills to become a good sport with tact. Prior to the Halloween event Mattel asked me to take part in a Game On Party, the perfect addition to our Halloween themed night.




Before our Game On Party box was put together I was asked to take my first challenge,ย a small questionnaire to discover what my Gameology sign was over at the Mattel Gameology Facebook App. I am a bit competitive so I was eager to find out what my sign would indicate. Not so surprisingly I am a Socialies; I prefer to make sure everybody has a good time but winning comes a close second. Once your Gameology sign is determined, the app automatically puts together games that would be a good fit for your game personality. The best part is if you take the gameology challenge, you’ll be automatically entered to win a game suited to your sign. Additionally taking challenges, you can earn points to win a monthly party pack AND enter to win a winter escape for you and 3 of your friends!



Our Game On Party Pack arrived right before the Halloween party and we were set to have an exciting evening, followed by a relaxed morning of games. The girls spent time around the goulish food table chatting and eating icky treats like the Timbit Eyeball Cake Pops; I soon realized these ghouls and goblins had healthy appetites. We followed up with the Game On fortune cookies that were included in the pack; each girl learned their future game destiny.




I am a bit of a nut when it comes to Halloween; I love the decorations, themed food and costumes. I’m always excited to see how creative people are with their costumes, will it be cute, scary or have a humorous tone. I was happy to see a few were extra special handmade costumes, like Cousin It, and even a celebrity appearance when Michael graced our home. I had a kick out of seeing the adults get into the Halloween spirit when they dressed up in costume. Hubs thought he was extra sneaky when he appeared behind me breathing down my neck mask on and knife in hand. For the longest time John, all dressed in green, mingled silently before I realized John was actually my mother.


Hubs spent two weeks creating a hauntingly good time, a garage converted to haunted house full of creepy sounds, fog and interesting characters around every corner. Initially the girls when through two by two, in an attempt to keep it secret for the next. Two hours later the novelty started to wear off and they settled into a Halloween movie night in the theatre room.

GameOn Party


The next morning the girls relaxed with a few games while I made a buffet of pancakes smothered in butter and syrup. Before my eyes a group of 9 girls polished off 28 pancakes and a fruit platter; game playing is noisy hungry business. I loved hearing the chatter and excitement build as they tried to beat the other team by gaining the most phrases in Mad Gab. I’ve played Mad Gab hilariously with a group of adults who seem to be saying the phrase but not hearing the phrase; it’s tear-streaming laughter every time. I think the tween girls preferred the Pictionary game most of all; they spent time seeing how quickly artistic each other could be and what I loved about it was that it was the perfect travel size compact game. A few times the girls were so into the game that they were jumping, leaning across the table, eyes wide and arms waving. Snicker. With a little help from auntie, I wasn’t surprised Angry Birds Space was Baby Girls favourite game to play but I was surprised how dead on her aim was when she cleared the 3 pigs from their perch within seconds during each challenge of the game. No big deal. Cough.


We love game nights, especially when we can incorporate games into events and parties; when will your next game night be?


WIN a Mattel Game Night Game On Pack


GameOn LogoMattel is giving a chance to win a Game On Pack of their very own to one of my lucky Canadian winners. It’s easy to enter, just tell me who you would invite to a Game On night in the comments below and fill out the Giveaway Tools form below. There are bonus entries for you to earn extra entries. Good luck!


76 comments on “Howling Good Time @MattelGameOn Giveaway #GameOnParty”

  1. Either friends, OR my parents and my brother and his wife!

  2. I’d invite friends to a game night.

  3. I would invite my 3 boys! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I would have a party at my house for family,friends and neighbours of all ages and have a few tables set up in difference rooms for fun and make a day out of it with snacks and all!

  5. I’d invite my sister, her boyfriend, my nephew and my daughters

  6. I would invite my sister and her family to game night.

  7. I would invite our neighbours over for game night

  8. Definitely my friends and relatives

  9. I would invite my friends and their kids.

  10. My 3 daughters & their partners.

  11. my neighbors

  12. I’d invite all of my nieces and nephews, since they vary in age greatly it’d make for an interesting night ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I’d invite my sister and her family over for a game night.

  14. i would invite my hubs and son and bestie and her daughter

  15. My family would love to invite my friend’s family Leeann Sleegers or my other good friend Margarita and her family. We love games.

  16. Our close friends. That would be lots of fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I would invite my parents and sister.

  18. I would invite the girls in my daughter’s American Heritage Girl troop.

  19. I would invite my sister and her bf and my two best friends

  20. My girls and their friends!

  21. We’d have a few couples over – we have a lot of friends who love games!

  22. we host a games night about every 3 months for a huge group of couples so this would be perfecto! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. I would invite both friends & family!

  24. I would invite our neighbours and my sister in law and kids.

  25. I would invite my best friend and sister

  26. I would invite my parents.

  27. the kids!

  28. I would invite my sister and her family! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I would invite my mom to family game on night

  30. Oh I’d so invite my 3 oldest… competitive group they are!

  31. I would invite my Mom and Step-Dad, we LOVE playing games together!

  32. I would get a few of our couple friends together for a game night!

  33. My sisters

  34. Id invite my sister

  35. I’d invite my niece Kayla and her friends.

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  37. I’d invite our family who is our go to for get togethers

  38. I’d invite my in laws. We love to do game nights after Christmas.

  39. I’d invite all of my friends

  40. I would invite my neighbors over.

  41. My game night would consist of myself,my husband and son

  42. I’d invite the extended family.

  43. My boys!

  44. I would invite the kids & grandkids.

  45. I would invite my daughter’s friends who live up the street from us

  46. We would invite our grown kids and grandkids for family game night

  47. My grandkids would be invited!! We love game night!

  48. I would invite family and friends

  49. My immediate family – FUN! We love games.

  50. My two daughters, two son-in-laws, son, 7 grandkids.

  51. I would invite the grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins.

  52. I would invite my nieces.

  53. I would invite my neighbours they love to play games

  54. my brothers and sisters-in law.

  55. I would invite my inlaws.

  56. I would have a game night with my girlfriends from work, it would be fun!

  57. My best friends and family

  58. Parents:p family and friends

  59. I would definitely have my kids and grandkids over for a game night…wow that could be fun

  60. My husband and kids ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. parents and sisters and their better halfs

  62. The whole family! Hubby and daughters!

  63. I would invite my sister and her kids over.

  64. A group of friends that get together regularly for games night.

  65. I would invite family over to play the games.

  66. My brother and his g/f!

  67. girls that i used to work with, like to get together for game night – i would include some of these

  68. Family and friends

  69. All of our teenagers friends!

  70. I would invite my best friends

  71. I would have a quiet night at home with my husband and kids

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