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Holiday Gifts with Meaning, Gifts of Hope #PlanGOH

Christmas is a time our family spends weeks, even months preparing for, baking treats and appetizers for weekend visitors, searching for that perfect gift, snow days spent snuggling indoors with the littles by the fire and nights enjoying a warm cider by the twinkling lights of the tree. I love waking up to the pitter patter of little feet running to see what gifts they were spoiled with from their long list of necessities. It’s easy to take life full of material possessions and basic necessities for granted when you have a comfortable life but wants are really very different than needs.


Every year since my kids were old enough to remember, the meaning of giving has meant a little more. We started giving more, spending time with the elderly, sending Christmas gift boxes to those who would otherwise have nothing during the holiday and donating to charities. We have been comfortable and we have had our struggles but we have never been without. Unfortunately for many in other less fortunate areas of the world, children live without the basic modern necessities of clean water, education and health care but we can do something to help by buying a gift from Plan Canada’s Gift of Hope collection.


How it Works

Gifts of Hope are real projects that change real lives. When you give a Gift of Hope, real dollars go to real projects. For those hard to buy for gift recipients this year, how fun would it be to buy a goat? Well, not literally. Donating a goat will provide essential nutrients children need to grow and income from the sale of offspring for families in communities like Uganda. A simple goat to us has much more meaning; a goat could provide income to pay for housing, food and schooling. You have the power to make an impression, change the world, and change lives – with one gift.


Matching Gifts

With a matched gift, your donation will be matched with a donation by a government, foundation or organizational partner, giving more children the gift of hope, helping more families live better lives, and transforming more communities. These gifts have great impact and spark great change. For example, when you purchase a gift like help orphaned children affected by HIV, your $75 gift will be matched 15x for a total value of $1,200!


Gifts of Hope Bed Nets


From a buying perspective I know I have several family members that I struggle  to find that special something for.What do you buy someone who has everything? Gifts of Hope make great gifts for family, friends, teachers, colleagues or anyone who is meaningful to you. Think outside the gift box by giving unforgettable gifts to transform lives across the world, a gift like a goat, school essentials or bed nets could mean hope.

Ordering is Easy

SilverEarringsBy picking up the phone or the click of the mouse you can give gifts that support programs dedicated to Education, Livestock, Water, Girls rights & Livelihood. What I really enjoyed learning was that I can add merchandise to my Gift of Hope purchase, like these beautiful Silver Earrings, to remind my gift recipient of the donation I made in their honour and support the Colombian youth who made them in the process. Additionally, a free greeting card comes with my purchase to send a thoughtful note by mail, email or print right from your computer.


What gift would you choose to make a difference in a child’s life this year?






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  1. This is the true meaning of Christmas, GIVING! Wtg Stacey! This post is awesome and brings back some my faith in humanity 🙂

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