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Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor Giveaway

Being farmers we spend a lot of time outside in the yard tending to our animals, garden or other necessary seasonal chores around the acreage which makes it hard to feel secure about leaving baby inside during nap times.  I’ve gone through several baby monitors since Baby Girl was an infant seeking the perfect fit but none have made me feel safely connected to my baby like the Summer Infant Baby Touch® 2 Digital Color Video Monitor.




Favourite Features


The Baby Touch® 2 Digital Color Video Monitor reminds me of a miniature tablet; with touch screen capabilities on the 3.5″ video screen, you can keep an eye on your baby without having to peek in on him and risk the chance of waking. For me, that’s the most important feature; I can automatically see whether or not a noise from Baby Ro justifies intervention or if he’s just wiggling around and will soothe himself back to sleep. For a child who sleeps for 15 minute intervals, I’ve been able to stretch naps out by this method much longer.




The monitor is easy to use; once you initially plug in the monitor and set the video monitor into position, the receiver monitor can easily manipulate the direction of the camera to move around the room remotely. The receiver displays the room temperature so you can ensure baby won’t be overheated and by the push of a button, a fussy baby can be soothed by the sound of your voice remotely. For times when I’m out in the yard, rather than sprint into the house to check on the baby, these features make my life as a farm mom so much easier. Additionally running three flights of stairs just to check on a squawking baby could be considered regular excercise but it’s not something I prefer to do when I finally sit down to watch a few minutes of tv before bed. The video monitor automatically converts to black and white night vision and continues to make monitoring my baby easy from day to night.




Interestingly enough, the Baby Touch® 2 Digital Color Video Monitor works well for sneaky toddlers too. On one specific morning not too long ago, I could hear Baby Ro chattering only to view my toddler sitting inside his crib, books in hand. Before long she was explaining the pictures in the book to her baby brother. Had I not been able to watch closely from the monitor and to speak in to remind her to sit still, I might have been worried but I watched for awhile and watched a very touching moment unfold before me.


Award-winning touch screen baby monitor is the ONLY one of its kind. Featuring an  innovative, high resolution 3.5″ color video screen and an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, the Baby Touch Boost gives parents controls right at their fingertips to conveniently and securely see baby, day or night.


Monitor Features


  • 100% digital technology for privacy and security, with a range up to 600-feet
  • Expandable system – add cameras to monitor multiple children or rooms, up to 4 total (extra cameras sold separately, item #28850) with video and audio auto-scan between rooms
  • Nightlight with remote on/off
  • Handheld portability with rechargeable batteries, and convenient re-charge docking base, built-in belt clip, and kick-stand for tabletop convenience
  • Adjustable volume and brightness controls
  • Sound activated LED lights,  power-save video on/off and low battery and out of range indicators.
  • Wall-mounting hardware included, adjustable/swivel design allows for optimal positioning on baby.


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WIN a Summer Infant Baby Touch® 2 Digital Color Video Monitor


Summer Infant has provided one monitor valued at $269.99 to giveaway to one very lucky US OR Canadian reader. To enter you must be 18+. Simply fill in the form below to enter, giveaway ends December 5th. Winner has 48 hrs to respond.


Disclosure: I was provided with product in exchange this review. All opinions are my own.

82 comments on “Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor Giveaway”

  1. this would help me keep an eye on my grandkids when they spend the night

  2. This would be a great way to keep a close eye on little ones without risk of waking them up!

  3. I would be able to make sure my baby is safe in the crib and see what is happening in there after I put him to bed.

  4. this would be great for my friend who is pregnant with her first. I’m sure she’ll be all sorts of nervous.

  5. I am a childcare provider so this monitor would be helpful every child I care for.

  6. It would help me when I have my next baby 🙂

  7. This would be perfect for my cousin who just had a baby so she could keep an eye on him at all times from her room

  8. This monitor would help me because we’re expecting baby #2 and I’ll need all the help I can get keeping an eye on him while he sleeps and my toddler plays.

  9. I’d love to give this to a good friend that is pregnant now. She needs a good monitor for baby’s room.

  10. It would help me keep an eye on my baby when he sleeps.

  11. This monitor would give me peace of mind and allow me to sleep better because I wouldn’t have to get out of bed to check on the baby all the time

  12. Nov 22 2012, my daughter awoke to find her 10 month old son, gone from SIDS. She is currently pregnant, expecting a girl.. this would bring us ALL so much peace of mind.

  13. My granddaughter’s room is across the house from our room and I help get her in the middle of the night when her mommy is super tired.

  14. This monitor would help me keep an eye on my little one!

  15. This would help me to keep an eye on my new grandsons when I am watching them.

  16. I am not good at hearing so anything visual would be much help.

  17. This would give me peace of mind when I can’t be in the same room as my little one. i.e., those times when a mom wakes up in the middle of the night and wants to see how their little one is.

  18. i would feel much better and probably sleep easier knowing i can see my little guy!

  19. This monitor would help me be able to check on my nephew without waking him.

  20. This would be a gift for a friend who is having her second baby. This would help her allot as she would be able to spend time with her older child and still have a way to monitor her wee one.

  21. Because when my little one is quiet I need see what she is doing!

  22. This would help me keep an eye on my little ones who LOVE to get into mischief lately!

  23. it would be a gift to my brother and his wife – they just had a baby boy and this would be perfect for making sure he is safe and doing well

  24. I’m expecting another babe in the not too distant future — unfortunately their room is going to be the furthest away from our room (still on the same level — but pretty far down the hall). I’m not sure if I’ll be able to hear it TBH. I think it would be lovely to have as I’ll not only be able to hear what is going on, but to see what is going on as well.

  25. My cute niece is having identical twin girls next month and could use this great monitor!

  26. this baby monitor would let me keep an eye on my child while she’s asleep

  27. Our son’s room is on a different level than our room & the main living area, so this would be great to keep an eye on him!

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  29. I would definitely use this to keep an eye on my kids while they are sleeping!

  30. our baby is on a different floor from our room so this would be a huge help

  31. This monitor would help me keep an eye on my pets when I can’t be in the same room as them and would allow me to stop them before they could get into too much trouble.

  32. My baby monitor is on its last legs, and we have a new baby due in February..we’ll be needing a new one for sure!

  33. this monitor would give me peace of mind

  34. If I won, this would save me a shopping trip to buy a baby shower gift for my friend who is due in January

  35. i have a newborn baby so i need a monitor!

  36. I could see if my kids were awake, or tossing and turning. If I open the door they are FOR SURE awake then!

  37. This would help me better monitor my sleeping little ones in my home daycare

  38. This would be helpful to use in my daughter’s room. We only have one monitor and just have to listen closely for my son


  39. A perfect gift for my niece/nephew-to-come and his/her parents.

  40. this would give me peace of mind when i have my new grandbabie over

  41. this would help me keep an eye on my grandkids when I have them over nights

  42. it would help me i just had my first baby oct 24th 2013. and i am a little paranoid on checking on him a lot.

  43. This would help my granddaughter relax when her baby is sleeping two floors up in her room.

  44. it can grow with baby, from crib to playroom!

  45. so i can keep an eye on them

  46. I wouldn’t worry as much when the baby is sleeping.

  47. This is such a great device to keep a close eye on the kid and make sure he’s safe!

  48. It would help give me some peace of mind.

  49. I love how you can remotely change the direction of the camera. Has many uses. Would be great to keep an eye on the kids.

  50. I could monitor while I clean the house!
    Thanks for the chance.

  51. I would help me with my friend’s baby. Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. we tend to check in on bug several times a night and sometimes she stirs as a result of us coming in and out of the room. If I could see her on a monitor I wouldn’t have to go in and look at her! It would also allow me to see if she needs help when she is fussing (leg stuck or something) or if she is just getting herself to sleep. plus i just love watching her sleep 🙂

  53. I’m a first time mom to a 2 week old… this would help mom sleep at night!!!

  54. It would be wonderful to keep an eye on the little one.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  55. this monitor would help my daughter keep a watch on her twins

  56. For when grandaugthers sleep over

  57. my brother and his wife are expecting their first baby in a few months – this would be a great gift for them

  58. It would give me peace of mind with my daughter.

  59. I’d like to be able to keep an eye on the little one without waking her up when I go in there to check.

  60. This would help me keep an eye on our daughter who is learning how to climb out of her crib.

  61. so I can keep checking in without having to keep going up into the room

  62. This would help me keep an eye on the baby while I’m in another room.

  63. This would be amazing to help bring back some mommy daddy time- peace of mind while our baby sleeps 🙂

  64. It would really give me peace of mind knowing that my daughter is alright in her crib! And I wouldn’t wake her everytime I go to check on her!

  65. my wife and i were just talking about how it woud be nice to own a video monitor, as we just have an audio monitor, because our son is getting to the age where he may try to get out of his crib.

  66. This would be a gift to my son for his new baby

  67. this would be a great way to look in on my son without waking him. It seems I always manage to find a creek in the floor when I go to look in on him, or the door squeaks!

  68. It would be a great way to watch over me youngest and feel more safe about him sleeping in his own room

  69. It would help me keep an eye on my children

  70. It’d help me keep an eye on my nephew when he’s over

  71. It would give me peace of mind! Not freaking out, every time I hear the smallest russle coming from my daughters room lol. Being able to see her laying there and or moving about would make all the difference in me walking in and possibly waking her

  72. This monitor would help me keep an eye on my son.

  73. It would help me because I would be able to monitor the baby and not worry

  74. when my grand babies visit, I can still keep watch, from just outside in the yard…

  75. This would help me so much with my son. He is very quiet and won’t make a peep even if he hurts himself.. it makes walking out of the room for even a second very difficult.

  76. This would help my son and daughter in law who will have a newborn next month.

  77. it would make a great baby shower gift for a family friend. Thank you

  78. i would give this to my daughter and it will help me to know she will be able to monitor my grand baby easier.

  79. this monitor would give me a peace of mind that i don’t currently have so i won’t have to keep checking in on our baby.

  80. My godson is expecting a baby this will be used to keep an eye on the new bundle of joy

  81. I could check in on the kids, without waking them up

  82. It would help me with a shower gift.

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