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Thank You Reader $185 Cash Giveaway

Readership Thanks Cash Giveaway


As a thank you to my readers for your continued support, This Lil Piglet, Tales of a Ranting Ginger and a group of amazing Canadian bloggers have come together to offer you a chance to win $185 cash via PayPal! This one is open worldwide to anyone with a PayPal account.


Good Luck! ๐Ÿ™‚



55 comments on “Thank You Reader $185 Cash Giveaway”

  1. Id spend on clothes.

  2. Not sure what I am buying for Christmas yet but that’s what I would use it for

  3. I would use it for my daughter’s Christmas

  4. Well with Christmas on its way I would have to say, on presents. Every little bit counts!

  5. I could use this for Christmas this year very much!!

  6. I love both of these blogs! I make daily stops. Thank you for this chance to win.

    • I forgot to say what I would use the cash for. This year we are making our christmas gifts but both my girls want to picj a child in need to get a gift for so our winnings would be spent on that and shoe box donations.

  7. I would buy a nice new pair of winter boots with the money

  8. I would buy my kids some presents as money is going to be tight this year with having made 2 moves, bought a new house and just had a baby who had extended hospital stay. This would help me to be able to bring a smile to my children’s faces.

  9. I would spend the money on bills. Boring, I know.

  10. Christmas gifts for my boys!

  11. I would use it towards Christmas gifts.


  13. I would spend it on Christmas.

  14. I’d use it to buy gas gift cards for both of my kids. They’re both college age and every dime helps!

  15. if I win, I will buy new clothes and shoes for my sons!

  16. I would pay bills with it

  17. I would spend it on Christmas gifts

  18. I would use it to buy Christmas gifts for my family
    Thank you!

  19. I would use it for holiday shopping.

  20. finish Christmas shopping for our family! thanks for this contest!

  21. I would start on getting Christmas presents

  22. I would buy my Christmas Eve and Christmas day munchies and dinner stuff, thank you:)

  23. use towards medical bills

  24. I’d spend it on clothes.

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  25. a dishwasher

  26. Christmas gifts for my kids

  27. I would be using this $$ to purchase Christmas Gifts for my son.

  28. Christmas shopping as well as giving away to charity.

  29. new boots for mom

  30. I would use this for Christmas gifts for the kids.

  31. pet supplies

  32. I’d use it for Christmas gifts!

  33. I would buy groceries. Thanks so much

  34. I would spend it to buy Christmas gifts!

  35. A food processor

  36. My head wants to pay off my credit card but my heart wants new boot!

  37. Christmas gifts for my little ones!

  38. Christmas gifts for sure.

  39. I would probably spend it on books, movies, and/or video games

  40. i would use it to put it towards student loans

  41. I would buy Christmas gifts and perhaps a couple DVDs for myself.

  42. Christmas gifts for the kids!

  43. My grandson just had cardiac surgery, so I’d help him with his college expenses.

  44. I’d spend that money on Christmas presents!

  45. I’d spend the money on a nicer than normal birthday present for my wife for her birthday on Nov. 27th! It would probably be a nice teacup set she has been wanting for awhile or clothes that do not come from a thrift store (we rarely buy new clothing).

  46. I’d spend the money on Christmas gifts and some fun holiday decor!

  47. I would buy gifts for Christmas.

  48. I would spend it on Christmas gifts and maybe a pedicure! ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. I would spend it on my hubby’s birthday coming up on the 26th.

  50. Christmas gifts.

  51. I would spend it on Christmas Gifts , and maybe a birthday gift for my son’s birthday in January.

  52. I also would pay some bills.

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