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#WeDay Saskatchewan and Blackberry Q5 Giveaway

WeDay Saskatchewan Youth MovementWeday Saskatchewan

Earlier this year I was invited by Telus as a main sponsor of We Day to bring my daughter along and experience the shift in the youth from more than 300 Saskatchewan schools at Free The Children’s first ever We Day Saskatchewan.  It was a day to remember, not only because of the treacherous road conditions making our way to Saskatoon and Martin Sheen blessing my baby due just over 2 weeks after the event but one of inspiration and awe. We Day Saskatchewan will hit the Credit Union Centre in Saskatoon November 6th for the 2nd time.

I was looking forward to We Day Saskatchewan again but Baby Ro, being almost exclusively nursed, had other plans. Although I won’t be able to make it this time around, Miss Priss and a few of her classmates have earned their way. You see, you cannot buy a ticket to We Day, you have to earn it through service. Watching the thousands of youths in the crowd I could feel the vibration of energy build throughout the day. Each speaker that graced the stage touched a youth with their stories, with the reason We Day had become the point of change.

Award winning actor and activist Martin Sheen addressed the importance of youth activism, speaking to 15,000 local youth and supporters on stage. We had the opportunity to meet Martin personally; he was surprisingly down to earth and willing to answer any questions we had. My daughter and I found Martins speech very powerful; with all the other speakers Martin was the one who inspired us the most to do more but the inspiration for change was different for everyone.

International activists and Free The Children co-founders Craig and Marc Kielburger educate and empower 15,000 passionate youth and supporters at Free The Children’s We Day Saskatchewan.

Speaker Lineup


At We Day Saskatchewan in February we met another performer, Shawn Desman. Not surprisingly Miss Priss was more than excited to meet him because of his sheer musical talent but more impressively he has repeatedly presented, performed and supported We Day events across Canada. New additions to the speaker and performer lineup include Magic Johnson, Tyler Shaw, Neverest, Molly Burke, Spencer West and several other motivations.


Telus for WeDay Inspire Change


We365 App

In partnership with Free the Children, TELUS has created We365. We365 is a free mobile app and website that enables young people to track and verify their volunteer activities for school, as well as provide the tools needed to fundraise, take action, and amplify messages for thousands of different charities. In its simplest form, it is a social platform to find and share inspiring content with like-minded users and friends, all while supporting causes most important to the individual.





blackberry q5 giveawayTo help you make a decisin for change with the FREE We365 downloadable app and in support of We Day Saskatchewan, I’m giving away a Blackberry Q5 smartphone thanks to TELUS. Powered by the BlackBerry® 10 operating system, every feature, every part of the new BlackBerry® Q5 smartphone has been built to flow and move with you and help you explore, create and share on the go.


It’s easy to enter, just tell me how your child, niece or nephew is involved in your community in the form below. Bonus entries included to increase your chances. Open to Canadian residents ages 18+.
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  1. My son is actually a member of the We Club at his school. They are involved in many community projects. Just this past weekend they had a food bank drive.

  2. My son is involved with the community by lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it. He also visits the retirement home regularily to just visit with the residents. It brightens their day everytime they see him.

  3. my nephew who has downs loves to go around the neighbourhood picking up trash from the side of the roads

  4. My daughter attended WeDay a few years ago and was so moved by the work that they are doing that she decided to go to Ecuador with Free the Children. It was a huge sacrifice on her part and we couldn’t be any prouder.

    It was a defining moment for her. A for me as a mom, well it told me my little girl is all grown up.

  5. Volunteerism is a great way for families to have fun and feel closer. But many people say they don’t have the time to volunteer after fulfilling work and family commitments. If that’s the case, I try taking my kids to do such a generous service where they get to learn to value people and things. i usually select just one or two projects a year and make them a family tradition (for example, making and donating gift baskets to care facilities for the elderly around the holidays).

  6. What an amazing thing to be able to attend…..My children are still too young to be active in the community, my oldest daughter is just getting started with being involved with things at school. I will be showing her this video and helping her along to reach out in the community.

  7. we always give to the local foodbank and charaties and go to charitable events in our community

  8. This year my son will be going to WE Day. He is super pumped to be involved in such a great cause!!
    This year he trick or treated for our local food bank. I was really proud of him for asking for food and not candy.

  9. My children like to help donate to others in need, especially to other children – whether that be food, clothing or helping at events. I love that they enjoy it and know the value of giving back 🙂

  10. My daughter donates a lot of her time to help kids after school hours.

  11. My daughter attends community events

  12. I take my kids to the nursing home in our neighbourhood and hand out homemade cookies. My youngest is also the ‘local’ entertainer where he’ll sing his famous twinkle twinkle little star for them.

  13. He recycles and cleans up garbage with his school

  14. My grandkids pick up litter off of our beaches every week to two weeks!

  15. My nieces and nephew are heavily involved in many aspects in their community – from events like this to environmental groups, etc.

  16. My boys go sing and decorate with their school at the Nursing home in our town.

  17. My children are a wee bit young to be actively involved in their community but they do attend Kinette (Kin Canada) events with me as I have been a member since 2007. We also participated in the We Scare Hunger campaign this past Halloween and collected donations for our local food bank.

  18. By giving back to the community and businesses as well as volunteering where needed!

  19. My 12 yo son was chosen from his school to be a participant in WEday at the Saddledome. He loved it & he is part of the WE Day group in his school that will continue to serve the community.

  20. my kids volunteer at church and we do community cleans ups as they are pretty young yet.

  21. I don’t have any children or niece/nephew, having said that, I love that We Day is all about kids being involved in their community in a positive way. We don’t hear nearly enough of this in our daily lives! This is quite refreshing and inspires hope! 🙂


  22. My son just joined the local Army Cadets. He just recently went on a poppy drive, going door to door selling poppies to raise money for needy veterans. It was his first time being involved in anything like this.

  23. My kids have always helped with the school food drives, community clean ups, etc. and charity fundraisers at school for charities.

  24. My youngest is not much into the community yet, but our older son is in Cadets and volunteers.

  25. My daughter has helped the out of cold program by aiding in serving meals to the less fortunate, yearly walks “against violence”. Donates her gently used clothing and toys to the Canadian Diabetes

  26. My kids do a lot of things through school like town clean up days and fundraising. They also do a lot with their after school activiites like my daughters dance class dances at the old age home every year before Christmas . My oldest son has started with a group that meets with local council members through the mayors office on coming up with new ideas for what the town needs etc so they are getting some exposure to what community service is all about

  27. We join in the community events and the kids are setting up a table at the local bazaar to make some extra money, by selling necklaces that they’ve pieced together.

  28. My son has attended two We Days, one in Vancouver and this year in Winnipeg. He has been involved in our communities by volunteering at children’s day camps. Helping neighborus with yard work. He has spent time refereeing in Tae Kwondo. He is also just agreed to help out with our children’s program at church.

  29. Helps out at the food back and cleans up garbage around the neighbourhood. Also helps cut grass and shovels for senior neighbours.

  30. they raise money for three different runs each year and have for probably about 10 years

  31. to small only 3 but involved in ballet and pre school

  32. my child likes to help out friends and nieghbours

  33. My kids are young so I encourage them to donate toys and food to the needy.

  34. My daughter Sara is working at a Women’s shelter and she is finding it very rewarding. She is a member of at least 2 environmental causes.

  35. No kids, but I volunteer with various MS society events throughout the year.

  36. My family has been involved collecting food for our local Food Bank since my children were very young. There was a time in our lives when we had to rely on the food bank to get by and have never forgotten that. Though both my son and daughter have moved away to attend college they are both now involved in food drives in their new city. With Christmas fast approaching we will all be very busy encouraging others to donate what they can. Every little bit helps.

  37. They volunteered helping younger kids.

  38. my children are involved in the food drive in our area ,also works at local ccmm ministries in the food pantry distributing food bagging it and carrying it out to cars ,and help at the local savation to give christmas gifts out at the fair grounds each year

  39. my nephew works with me at the food bank 3 times a week

  40. As a family, we have always been ones to GIVE back — volunteering at a local soup kitchen, meals on wheels, clothing donations etc. Small acts can mean big things to someone else!

  41. We help keep our parks clean, my oldest is off today to help rake leaves at the senior’s. My 7 year old participates with us in helping to clean our local beach up.

  42. my granddaughter volunteers at the nursing home. she reads to the people there, she makes little gifts and bakes them treats, she really enjoys it

  43. We always support the charities in our community.

  44. My girls are involved in many community activities through their involvement in Girl Guides. They also help out by collecting food and clothing for our local shelter and they are involved in visiting a local seniors’ home through our Church.

  45. Every year my kids volunteer at a local church kids camp, contributing in leadership, counsellor and/or building project capacities. They enjoy it tremendously!

  46. Son was helping with Winnipeg Harvest Food Bnk

  47. My niece volunteers with a reading program for elementary school kids!

  48. my nephew cleans up local parks and playgrounds and also helps round up in-house items for donation

  49. My daughter is only 2 but we try and teach her the importance of being part of the community we live in.

  50. My kids have volunteered for Run for the Cure, and Weekend to end Breast Cancer and a few other similar events.

  51. My daughter helps raise money at her birthday for various charities. She also is involved in karate which does a lot of community performances and charity work.

  52. My daughter sings at retirement homes. She went to we day a few years ago.

  53. My daughter donates clothes and toys she no longer wants and needs. We also donate to the food bank on a regular basis.

  54. my nephew is involved with big brothers

  55. My newphew (really my best friends boy!) does fundrasing for his school, and for cancer research!

  56. My nephew provides free tutoring.

  57. My son is a cadet so he is very involved. Always helping organizations.

  58. My son and daughter participate in sports and they are also involved in fundraising activities.

  59. It’s a bit early for my niece to be involved in the community – she’s barely one month old. She cheers up our entire family, though 🙂

  60. This is actually the first year my son is hoping to volunteer at Christmas Cheer . I am proud.

  61. My daughter is a volunteer mentor at her school for the younger kids.

  62. My little cousins just participate in fundraisers and donating to the local food banks

  63. My niece and nephew (grades 6 and 7) raised the most out of their school for the food bank!

  64. my nephews are both volunteers at the local Hospital

  65. Both my kids are involved with our community through their school. My husband and I also both volunteer for our kids’ recreational activities within the community.

  66. My daughter (although only six) is actively involved in our local neighbourhood Clean the Park program where every week from Spring to late Fall a group of kids keep our park clean. She also loves participating in school programs to help raise awareness to anti-bullying and school fundraisers. 🙂 We’re both so proud of her!

  67. My kids are quite young yet, but we did just do a Christmas shoe box for a child who doesn’t get anything for Christmas.

  68. My children go aound and oick up trash once a month

  69. Both my nieces volunteer all year for various different charities! They’ve done many walks as well. Such great kids!

  70. My husband and I take our son out to every community event that we can. Once he’s old enough, we will be setting him up to volunteer in the community

  71. i’ve taken my children to the beach front to pick up garbage for years now.

  72. I take my kids to volunteer at a seniors centre.

  73. My nephew is too young to take part yet but will get him involved when he’s older

  74. my kids are small, but they donate the clothes they no longer want or no longer fit to our local goodwill.

  75. My boys are only 4&5 yet so theres not much they can do yet, we do the christmas box for our church every christmas though!

  76. My nieces and my nephew volunteer at the local seniors home, the take their animals to visit and play music at their events.

  77. We are planning to teach my boyfriend’s niece the importance of giving back to the community by donating her baby toys to a charity !

  78. My son has always been active with our Church in helping at the soup kitchen. He also assists in coaching football and cleans cages at our local Humane Society.

  79. They are a bit young but at school they are sponsoring kids by collecting Christmas present to give to them this year

  80. Son 6 year old son helps raise money with his school for our community and this year he is taking part in our annual food drive and food chain to donate food to our local food bank!

  81. I am a strong advocate of being involved in the community. My niece volunteers at summer camps during the summer, and also joins me from time to time when I volunteer at runs and fundraisers!

  82. My 15 year old cousin has been helping out local charities since she started modelling at the age of six. She collects collects articles for underprivileged youth at Christmas, and has donated her hair for young cancer patients.

  83. My nephew plays the local sports and he gives his clothes and toys that he doesn’t use anymore

  84. My sons volunteer during the holidays at soup kitchens.

  85. My boyfriend’s daughter loves to coach soccer for the elementary schools! She also volunteers at the daycare centre at their local community centre

  86. My niece takes part in music class. We as a family donate to the Salvation Army and give food cans during Christmas.

  87. Our Son, when he is home from college, takes our little dog to visit the elderly in a nearby nursing home. When he is at college, I take the dog instead. At college, our Son takes part in fundraising campaigns. His favorite things to participate in is anything to do with sports like baseball and softball benefits and marathons. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  88. My kids help with giving things to local organizations, and we do random acts of kindness.

  89. My nephew volunteers at church to help give out at the food bank.TY

  90. My niece takes her old clothes, stuffed animals, toys to the children’s hospital along with cards with her personal letter. She also volunteers at the local animal shelter with me. <3 She is truly a blessing.

  91. Try do things like pick up paper alongside the hidhway

  92. Son donates the coins in his piggy bank to local charities.

  93. my son is involved with helping other children out by playing learning games with other children!

  94. My daughter is involved in the Eco club at school.

  95. Every year we volunteer for the Magic of Christmas as a family, this teaches them the that Christmas isn’t just about receiving it is about bring joy to others especially those less fortunate

  96. each year we donate a toy at the mall during Christmas time for the less fortunate

  97. My niece help at coats for kids, they also involved is helping out during the summer with special needs children with the miracle league baseball.

  98. My son who is now an adult has volunteered at the Memorial Cup in Saskatoon, does talks at U of S when asked and at volleyball tournys.

  99. My daughter is too young still, but I’ll start taking her to volunteer around Christmas time in a few years.

  100. my neice is involved with cystic fibrosis fundrising and does gift wrap every christmas

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