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Holiday Health Giveaway from Vicks, Honeywell and Braun #SJHolidayGiftGuide

Defend your children from colds & flus this Holiday season with these must have items from Vicks, Honeywell & Braun. Clean the air in your home, maintain an ideal level of indoor humidity, soothe cough and congestion, and quickly and accurately check your child’s temperature. While every parent is dreading the cold & flu season, you will feel prepared knowing that you’re equipped with some of the essentials you need to keep your child comfortable.


Vicks Starry Night Humidifier


The Vicks Starry Night cool mist humidifier features a projector that comforts your child while creating a calm night perfect for children of all ages.

  • Naturally and effectively helps relieve cough and congestion.
  • Scent pad heater releases Vicks soothing vapours.
  • 2 speed settings for comfort.
  • Quiet operation for comfort during the night.
  • A run time of 12 to 24 hours.
  • The projector is independently controlled and runs independently from humidifier.
  • 1.0 gallon tank capacity.
  • Recommended for medium sized rooms.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Accessories: VSP-19-CAN Vicks soothing menthol VapoPads, PWF2-CAN Wicking Filter, PC-1C-BX ProTec Antibacterial Cartridge.
  • Available at: Amazon, Jean Coutu, Lawtons, London Drugs, Toys R Us, Walmart, Guardian IDA, PharmaPlus, Loblaws, Paragon, PharmaCHoice West, PharmaChoice Atlantic, Remedy.

Vicks AgeSmart Thermometer


Vicks AGESMART Family Thermometer. – When it comes to fever, AGE MATTERS! – The definition of a fever depends on your age. What is considered normal body temperature in a 4 year old may be regarded as fever in a new born. Vicks AGESMART is the first age-adjustable thermometer, using medical guidelines to interpret temperatures.

Fever Insight Feature Screen color displays fever levels: OK, Mild Fever, and High Fever. – Faster 8 second temperature read-out. – Displays in Celsius and Fahrenheit. – Flexible tip – softer and more gentle. – Professional accuracy. – Water resistant for easy cleaning. – Available at: Jean Coutu, Lawtons, London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Guardian IDA, PharmaPlus, Loblaws, Paragon, PharmaCHoice West, PharmaChoice Atlantic, Remedy

Braun ThermoScan 5


A Unique Pre-Warmed Tip


Unlike other ear thermometers Braun ThermoScan ExacTemp features a patented pre-warmed tip It minimizes the cooling effect that could result from the insertion of a cool probe tip The pre-warmed tip helps ensure accuracy time after time. Conventional tip at room temperature has a cooling effect on the ear canal This cool-down effect can result in an inaccurate temperature reading shown on the display A cooler temperature in the ear canal could also affect the accuracy of repeated measurements

The Guidance System

The Guidance System checks the position of the thermometer in the ear and confirms the accuracy of the measurement. The probe of the thermometer has to fit securely into the ear canal during the complete measuring process before a long beep signals the end of the temperature reading


A light provides additional accuracy It flashes during the measuring process as long as the probe is securely positioned and lights up continuously once an accurate reading has been taken If the probe has not been placed correctly in the ear canal it will be indicated by the Guidance system

Honeywell AirGenius 5



The Honeywell AirGenius 5 Air Cleaner/Odour Reducer with Allergen and Germ Reduction Settings offers outstanding air cleaning performance with Touch Controls that do the Thinking for You.


Featuring the patented QuietClean® ifD® advanced filtration technology, this air cleaner combines some of the best features and technology available into one really smart air cleaner. Capturing 99.9% of particles, both the ones you can see AND the really small microscopic ones you can’t see, it circulates the air in a large room (up to 250 sq. ft)¹.


The smart controls are unique, helping to take the guesswork out of how to most effectively clean the air in your home. Offering 5 air cleaning levels and easy-tap touch sensitive controls, you can choose from SLEEP (almost silent operation), GERM (for cold & flu season), GENERAL Cleaning, ALLERGEN (for peak allergen season) or MAX Cleaning Power, depending on your air cleaning needs.


You’ll be surprised at how quietly the unit operates, especially considering it is certified to clean such a large room. The honeycomb style filter doesn’t resist airflow like paper filters do, allowing quieter operation.

Holiday Health Giveaway from Vicks, Honeywell & Braun

holiday health


To help you defend yourself form colds this Holiday season the fine folks at Vicks, Honeywell & Braun have provided us some amazing prizes for 2 very lucky Canadian readers!


There are 2 prizes to be won by 2 different Canadian residents, 18+. One wins the Starry Night and AgeSmart Thermo, and the other the Braun ThermoScan and AirGenius. Entry is simple, just follow the steps on the Giveaway Tools below. This giveaway ends January 8th, winners will have 48 hours to respond.


If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for more people on your list, make sure to check our the rest of our Holiday Gift Guide features.


Disclosure: We were provided with product in exchange this advertorial. All opinions are my own.


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