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Learning Through Play with Galt Toys #SJHolidayGiftGuide

Christmas is coming , the big gifts have likely already been decided on and we’re left with the smaller gifts that are perfect add-ons or from the Big Guy. Personally I like to find gifts that are creative fun ways to learn through play. From stacking towers and building blocks to starter knitting and science themed kits, Galt Toys has With 175 years experience in toys and education, Galt Toys specifically focuses on a learning through play approach with toys for all ages.



Galt Toys has a variety of fun learning kits for all ages, tweens included. I love the extensive teaching ability electronics can offer, provided they are used in the right way, but I know my kids need their unplugged time too. Galt Toys allows them different kits where they can learn about there interests with a more hands on approach, keep them occupied and have fun too. Here are some examples of what the kids will be learning about this Christmas.

  • Friendship Braids – Create friendship bracelets, hair braids and chokers with the colourful threads, beads and ribbon. Make multi-coloured cord bracelets using the foam braiding wheel.
  • French Knitter – Create a necklace, butterfly hair band, 4 bracelets and a flower brooch with this cool French knitter.
  • Water Magic – 6 reusable pictures on thick board to colour with the water pen. Fill the pen with water and use to reveal the hidden pictures.
  • Beastly Body Bits – 300-piece jigsaw puzzle based on Scholastic’s bestselling books written by Nick Arnold and illustrated by Tony De Saulles. One of a range of puzzles featuring Horrible scenes of the human body with famously mad scientist, Baron Frankenstein, the world’s most dangerous animals and the solar system with Oddblob the alien. Each jigsaw includes an 8-page Loony Leaflet stuffed full of foul facts. Science with the squishy bits in pieces!
  • First Sewing – Make a butterfly bag, neck purse, picture frame, notepad cover and pencil case. Stitch the pre-punched sections together with the cord and decorate with foam shapes and stick-on gems.
  • Origami – Make 10 origami models following the step by step guide. Includes 50 sheets of dual colour paper, stickers and guide.
  • Violent Volcano – Make a ‘lava-ly’ erupting volcano, become a survival safety expert and discover why volcanoes blow their tops! Contents: plastic volcano model, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, goggles, mini card stand-ups and ‘Horrible Info’ leaflet.
  • First Knitting – Create a knitted bag, cute purse and fun pompom scarf using the French knitter, knitting needles and pompom tool.
  • Slimy Slugs – Mould slimy slugs, make your own messy mucus and check out why slugs are slimy and other slimy facts.
  • Fairy Sewing Kit – Make an owl bag with beaded handles, a toadstool purse and butterfly notepad. Thread the colourful beads to make the handles, stitch the pre-punched pieces together and decorate with stick-on gems.
  • Fairy Jewellery Set – Make cute fairy bracelets and necklaces and a cool jewellery tree. Decorate the wooden jewellery tree with acrylic paints and stick-on gems. Create sparkly picture beads with glitter fairy stickers and combine with glitter and pearly pony beads.
  • Fashion Design Pad – 32 pages of fashion model outlines to colour in and decorate with cool stickers. Follow the colour ideas sheets or create original designs.
  • T Shirt Studio – Design your own T-shirts by combining letter and picture stencils with stickers on the T-shirt outlines.
  • Bouncy Eyeballs – Make eyeballs that bounce, find out how balls bounce and learn jazzy juggling. Make one large eyeball and three small glow-in-the-dark eyeballs.



Babies are usually easy to satisfy with toys, anything that has texture in the hand or makes a sound is exciting. Galt Toys has a line of infant toys to help with hand-eye coordination and dexterity in stimulating colours known to develop baby’s senses. Here are a few great learning toys to add to your infants gift list this Christmas.


  • First Bricks – 12 assorted plain and coloured bricks made from quality hardwood. A simple toy which encourages manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination
  • Jungle Pals Skittles – A fun bowling game for young children. The skittles each contain a rattle and the ball has a jingle bell.
  • Ocean Bath Book – A colourful 8 page padded vinyl book for bathtime fun. Learn about animals that live in the sea and have fun with the fish that squirts water and the dolphin that squeaks.
  • Large Soft Book – One of a range of colourful fabric books featuring 8 fun pages with textures and activities to explore, including a squeaker. The padded pages are filled with crinkle material which is so appealing to babies.
  • Stacking Tower – 7 cups to stack and nest with a fun flower to place on top. Encourages manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination as the cups are placed on top of and inside each other. Learn about big and small and top and bottom. Ideal for sand and water play.
  • Chime Rattle – A colourful first rattle with easy grip handle that makes a pleasant chime sound. Encourages manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination and the learning of cause and effect as baby grips and shakes the rattle to make music.


To learn more about Galt Toys or join in the learning through play conversation on Galt Toys Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.


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Disclosure: We were provided with product in exchange this advertorial. All opinions are my own.



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