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Turbo FAST Premieres Dec 24 and PS3 @NetflixCA Giveaway #NetflixNewYear

As a Netflix Family we spend a lot of time watching our favourites and are always eager to learn about new original series exclusive to Netflix. Tomorrow Netflix will be premiering the all new Turbo Fast series in the Crazy Fast episode featuring Turbo, Chet and the rest of the team and I had the chance to view the advanced screener with my family. This episode is full of unique characters, humour and a plot that the whole family will be glued to. Make sure you tune in tomorrow to view this new series that will have you tuning in for future episodes.




I sat down to watch the Turbo Fast screener myself but within seconds my 3 daughters, aged 3, 11 and 12 years, were all huddled around me and could not take their eyes off the show. Immediately my girls were laughing at the Snailified antics. The main character, Turbo, is brought back from a crazy Victory Tour to the Starlight Plaza garden where a special snail city, Starlight City, has been created for Turbo and his snail pals full of all the best snail venues, city hall, a movie theatre and skate park. Chet, Turbo’s brother who mistakenly is dubbed his girlfriend, greets Turbo and informs him that his crazy snail dream of becoming a racer was honoured by a racetrack the Turbo snail team built for making the city possible.


We quickly meet the rest of the snail team with all their crazy personalities and learn the racetrack isn’t at all flat like Turbo is used to. Cue in Hardcase, a Tiger Beetle who is the worlds fastest for his size with an anger management problem, and we have a challenge to a racing duel with Starlight City on the line. Turbo’s team piles together to help Turbo condition himself for the new track and upcoming race and before long the music of Eye of the Tiger create excitement that Turbo might actually be able to win this race against Hardcase.


Of course I won’t give away what happens next but I can tell you this premiere of Turbo Fast had myself and all three of my girls glued to the screen for the entire show and giggling along. Each of us had our own favourite characters, Turbo naturally for Baby Girls and Squeakers favourite but Miss Priss preferred Chet and I had a little spot in my heart for White Shadow and his not-so-stealthy self.


Make sure you grab some popcorn and settle in for a special Christmas Eve to watch this premiere episode of Turbo Fast with your family and tell me who your favourite character is.


Will they snail it?


Turbo Fast Overview

The first-ever Netflix original series for kids, DreamWorks’ Turbo FAST is a high-octane ensemble comedy that amps everything up to the extreme as Turbo and his adrenaline-fueled crew go on daring new adventures, race on the coolest tracks, and take on the craziest challengers. No matter how wild things get, these snails always have each other’s backs.

Stunt Team members — Turbo, Whiplash, Burn, Smoove Move, White Shadow, Skidmark and Chet– already have legions of fans from their appearance in the DreamWorks Animation’s feature film Turbo, which opened in theaters around the globe earlier this year and has already grossed more than $280 million. The all new television show digs deeper into the crazy personalities of the snail crew and features 2D design to create a stylized look reflective of the Stunt Team’s fast-paced, souped-up world.

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Disclosure: We were provided product in return for sharing our opinion and hosting this giveaway.

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