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#Felfies are the New Revolution

Yes, you read that right. #felfies or #felfie, as you see it, are the farm version of a #selfie and although that almost seems laughable, it’s a serious revolution moving forward into 2014; serious.  If you take a look around on social media, you may be noticing a new trend in the world of images and the classic #selfie. For those who don’t know what a #selfie is, it’s an image you take of yourself, duck face and all, and send it on in the world of social media for all to see.



A #felfie is the farmer version of the #selfie. Yes us farmers are pretty unique critters and yes I think we’re cute too, right along side our animals, but there is a grander reason why #felfies are important. First, here I am with one of our newest baby lambs in our flock; I don’t show off my plaid for just anyone.




My friends Christine Lee-McNaughtonJulie Nowell and Sarah Schultz have a few pretty fantastic reasons why #felfies are important. Like these fine farm ladies, I feel we as a modernized nation continue to lose touch with where our food really comes from or how fresh our food really is. We concern ourselves with ease of use and not a thought enters our heads when stopping by the grocery store on the way home from work to snag a package of prepped, pre-seasoned or precooked food. Many have lost touch with the hard work it takes to get a meal on the table. An easy meal for you means hours, days and months of work for farmers.


WHAT is the Point?

Make #felfies and a #felfie the next revolution, or at least an interest to explore and educate. The next time you want to run to the store for ingredients, seek out your local farmers and buy their product because by doing so you are not only eating the freshest, you are supporting the economy, environment, community and future generations. I see it all the time with my daughters friends; even in a small city kids do not know where their food truly comes from.


WHAT Can You Do?


Get to know your farmers, their families through this new #felfie trend and make a mental point to bring them with you on your next grocery shopping experience. Encourage your schools to do a farm field trip for educational purposes. Get to know us on social media; we’re right at your fingertips; I promise we’re not all hard work, we’re a fun bunch too.


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  1. Awwwww 🙂 I love it! Please keep on posting the felfies! 🙂

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