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Vote for Meatballs Win $3500 in Prizes #TKLucky7

Today I found out that all the efforts so far you have been seeing in the #TKLucky7 recipe challenge have made it to the final round! Thanks to all your amazing support and votes, my Sweet Red Chili Meatballs recipe has made it to the final round but I need you now more than ever. My recipe is only one itty bitty meatball recipe out of 7 which means I need your votes on that itty bitty meatball recipe to win the title for Canada’s next Thai Kitchen Ambassador and you can win $3500 in prizes just for voting too!


Sweet Chili Meatballs Giveaway



If you help me by voting on my meatball recipe daily, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $1500 Air Canada voucher, a $1000 Apple store gift card and a $1000 Jamie Oliver Professional Cookware set! Now those are a lot of reasons to vote! That’s not all, if you vote daily and share with your friends and family so they can vote too, you’ll gain even more entries to win these amazing prizes. Sadly the prizes are only open to Canadians, so sorry to my other readers, but you can still help me win by voting and I would really appreciate the support.




You can only win these amazing prizes IF you vote only on the Sweet Red Chili Meatballs recipe image (Stacey from Regina)! Don’t make the mistake of voting for any other recipe….Okay, not really but then you’d be voting for my competition and that would not be supporting me. As much as I respect the other cooks in the running, this is crunch time.


In case you forgot, this is the Sweet Red Chili Recipe Image to Vote for over HERE:


Sweet Chili Meatballs



It’ been an amazing experience so far to be among 6 other talented cooks; thanks again for all the support you all have given me so far and to the continued support to see this through to the end. Help me bring this one home! I hope to see one of my supporters win one of these amazing prizes; good luck!


For the actual Sweet Red Chili Meatballs recipe and other #TKLucky7 recipes; take a look HERE.


Disclosure: I am taking part in the #TKLucky7 challenge; this post is sponsored. Opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. I have been voting daily for you. Good Luck hon. 🙂

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