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Last Minute March Break Holiday Planning #CAASafeTravels $100 Giveaway

We’re nearing the end of winter but the cold weather seems to be hanging on. Either that or we’re just itching for warmer weather. Personally I’m tired of bundling up the little ones inn layer upon layer of clothes just to get into the vehicle for our daily responsibilities. Most days lately it’s been too cold to go outside for risk of frostbite so we’re left cooped up like caged animals indoors.  Spring break is quickly approaching and the cold weather has me eager to seek out a last minute March break holiday with my family.

Last Minute March Break Disney World Travel Insurance


Planning a last minute holiday with a big family can be stressful. Scrambling to get passports together for a family of 7, transportation and accommodations are exhausting enough but one thing I refuse to go without is travel insurance. CAA travel insurance is the one reliable detail to give me the sense of security I need among the chaos of last minute travel with a family of our size.


When we booked our flights to Disney World in Orlando, Florida we were offered added travel insurance with our flights and for fear that we may have to cancel, given life’s unknown, we purchased insurance we didn’t need.  Upon further investigation, our travel Visa happened to have cancellation insurance. Unfortunately it’s the unknowns you have to worry about; credit cards do not cover all travel mishaps but you shouldn’t buy more than you need either.

Last Minute March Break Travel Insurance2


CAA offers add on packages to top up insurance, making sure you are covered for life’s travel mishaps so you can concentrate on more important things, enjoying that dream vacation with your family and cherishing little bonding moments between siblings like splashing and giggling in the pool.


Last Minute March Break Travel Insurance

CAA. “Making Bad Days Good. And Good Days Better.”



Planning a last minute holiday this March?


With CAA Travel Insurance kids are FREE and with 5 kids of my own, that isn’t just a huge saving, it’s a load off my mind knowing my family is protected while we’re away.


Whether your family holiday is hot on the coast of Florida or adventurous white water rafting in the mountains of BC, make sure you’re protected against unforeseen travel emergencies with CAA Travel Insurance. With kids who seem to be accident prone, the added security CAA Travel Insurance offers ensures that my vacation is spent building family memories, not costly medical bills.




With CAA Travel Insurance coverage you’ll enjoy:

• 5% CAA Member discount

• 24/7 assistance

• No deductible

• Emergency medical coverage up to $5 million (CAD)

OHIP coverage may not cover you outside Ontario.

Emergencies are never in the plans. But you can plan to be ready for them with CAA Travel Insurance.


For more information on CAA Travel Insurance, go to their website or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


WIN a $100 VISA Gift Card

It’s easy to enter; just tell me where you’d go if you went on a last minute March break holiday in the form below.  Open to Canada.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as part of the CAA Travel Insurance program. All opinions are 100% my own.


92 comments on “Last Minute March Break Holiday Planning #CAASafeTravels $100 Giveaway”

  1. I would probably just go visit my brother , he lives in another province , havent seen him in 4 years

  2. I would go to Royal Ontario Museum

  3. I would head to Florida & Disney!

  4. ANYWAY warm and sunny! 😀

  5. I would take my family to whistler for a some spring skiing

  6. I would go to Hawaii! Would love to visit there one day.

  7. key west – fun and warm. would love to be there right now!

  8. I go with my kids to visit grandparents in Montreal!

  9. oooo we love montreal so we would probably head there

  10. Would love to go to Disneyland.

  11. Anywhere warm…Its been so cold and I just crave the sun!

  12. I would love to go to Florida

  13. I am going on a last minute march break… LA baby!

  14. Niagara Falls is our go to last minute vacation spot. It’s close enough to be able to go for a day or a week and still be worth it, yet far enough that we can’t visit everyday which means it’s still a treat to go.

  15. New York City

  16. I’d head on down to Mexico for sure!

  17. Disneyland

  18. I would go to Nova Scotia.

  19. I would love to take my family to Disney !

  20. I would road trip to Jasper and Banff

  21. Hawaii

  22. Cuba, no question Cuba 🙂

  23. probably the Bahamas

  24. Playa Del Carmen, mexico

  25. Ottawa to skate on the Rideau!

  26. Hmm maybe Hawaii but anywhere sunny would be fine with me =)

  27. Tallahassee Fla

  28. Somewhere in Mexico

  29. I would love to head to Hawaii!

  30. With a 3yr old and 6 yr old that fight nonstop and my husband working overtime for spring break away in camp? i’m planning on going.. INSANE! is that a place? jk jk..if i could i’d go 3 hours away to victoria BC to visit the museum! it’s amazing and not too long in the car.

  31. Cancun for sure!

  32. Jamaica!! Ohh Calgon Take me away

  33. I would go to Orlando Florida and do Universal Theme parks!

  34. I would love to experience Great Wolf Lodge – sounds like lots of fun!!

  35. Id take the kids to the museum n dinner

  36. I did not get to holiday last march break at all, or the march break before that. Bills , bills, bills lol

  37. I would go to Hawaii!

  38. I would go to Mexico

  39. I am planning to go to Harrison Hot Springs with my hubby!

  40. I would go to Ottawa.

  41. Florida to visit my family 🙂

  42. Would run away to Orlando FL.

  43. I’d go to Honolulu, HI.

  44. I would go to Mexico. Or Cuba. Or Florida. Or anywhere that is not this cold, snowy place. I’m so done with winter.

  45. I’d go to Santa Fe, NM.

  46. The Oregon Coast – which is actually where we’re going.

  47. I’d go to California

  48. I’d go to sunny florida!

  49. I’d go to Las Vegas

  50. Montreal or Quebec City

  51. I would gO to vegas!

  52. I would love to go to Hawaii!..or anywhere HOT for that matter!!

  53. Right now I’d take anywhere WARM! But my #1 choice would probably be the Dominican Republic

  54. go to see my daughter in Oshawa….gift card would be great for the gas tank 🙂

  55. Florida!

  56. I would go to Aruba.

  57. we would drive down to seattle and take the kids to the EMP museum

  58. I’d go to Montreal!

  59. Would love to go to Florida. Someplace warm.

  60. I would go to the Best Western in Town! They have a pool.

  61. Disney world !!!! 😀

  62. British Columbia

  63. We would head south over the border to Thief River Falls – fun water slide park & lazy river!

  64. I would go to Toronto.

  65. I would go to cabo san lucas mexico

  66. We would go to Florida

  67. i would be heading to vegas for a girls week.

  68. I would go see a friend on Vancouver Island.

  69. mexico! somewhere hot

  70. Pascagoula, MS to explore the Native American legends of the Singing River with my kids.

  71. I’d like to go to Miami because it’s fairly close and I’ve never been there before.

  72. my son loves to swim so any water park would be awesome right about now, like Great Wolf lodge or fallsview water park in Niagara falls. Even a hotel with a pool is perfect

  73. I would go to Disneyland to play and the kids could come too 😉

  74. I would head off to Oakland, California to visit my dear sister on a last minute March break as its been four years since I’ve seen her! That would be so wonderful….wish I could go.

  75. I would go to Arizona

  76. I would probably do something local with my DD7 to break the monotany of winter.

  77. I would take off to Fuji

  78. I would take my family to stay at Crystal Palace in Moncton, NB 🙂

  79. I’d go to Florida

  80. Niagara Falls

  81. I’d go to cuba!

  82. Hawaii

  83. I would go to Niagra Falls. thanks for the chance!

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