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Unique Gift of a Jord Wood Watch #ValentinesDay Giveaway #JordWatch

My father-in-law is a bit of a watch fanatic; like many have a shoe passion, he has a watch got-to-have-it passion. I see his point; arm candy definitely spruces up any outfit, from casual to formal. Giving unique gifts is a bit of a challenge but not when it’s a piece as stunning as the unique detail of Jord wood watches you do not see anywhere else.



My husband’s birthday and Valentine’s Day are coming up and no matter the occasion, I always have trouble finding him the perfect gift. I don’t want to gift something just anyone can give; I want it to be special, to have meaning and to spark a little memory in his mind every time that next birthday roles around. Upon laying my eyes upon this beautiful Jord 94A series wood watch I knew immediately this was the exact gift I was looking for.




Having an event planned, I surprised Hubs early with his gift and it’s the first time in a long time a gift has made such an impression. Of course he likes every gift he receives but you can just tell when a person receives a gift they really like. It wasn’t until Hubs had to remove a couple of links to size the watch to his wrist that we truly noticed the craftsmanship of this beautiful watch. Each link was individually carved out of wood and linked securely together with metal pins. The actual watch face, clasp and gears that make this watch tick are made entirely not of wood, as to be expected, but the back door was and intricately carved with the Jord logo. The details of this unique piece are what makes it a gift anyone would love.





Jord wood watches makes me think of the rich traditional wood that used to be important woodwork in homes all over North America; today Jord has combined the importance of authentic to a unique gifting experience with these watches for a fashion piece that will be noticed.


To see what Jord has to offer, see their lineup below and join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


Win a Jord Wood Watch

  Enter to win a 94A Series Jord Wood Watch of your very own, valued at $159. It’s easy to enter, just tell me which is your favourite Jord watch in the form below and enter for bonus entries if you like. Open to US and Canadian residents, excluding Quebec.






269 comments on “Unique Gift of a Jord Wood Watch #ValentinesDay Giveaway #JordWatch”

  1. I really like the 746 black.

  2. The black and maple looks amazing. Think my husband would like it very much .

  3. 746 SERIES Black & Maple

  4. I like the Sully

  5. The sully in cherry.

  6. I like the Ely in cherry.

  7. I love the Delmar Bamboo watch!

  8. I like the Fieldcrest Black.

  9. The Delmar in blue is awesome!

  10. The Ely or the Delmar

  11. I like the DELMAR SERIES White

  12. I love the SULLY SERIES Cherry & Maple watch.

  13. I love the cherry and maple Sully series!

  14. I like the 746 Black.

  15. I really like the 94A in Chocolate…

  16. SULLY SERIES Natural Green
    because it has real numbers on it.

  17. 746 SERIES Black & Maple

  18. I like the Fieldcrest. (Maple)

  19. I like the Delmar Blue.

  20. 746 series in black is my favorite


  22. the Fieldcrest watch

  23. Sully in cherry and maple.

  24. SULLY SERIES Black & Maple

  25. I love the 94A Chocolate!

  26. I really like the Ely in Cherry. What a unique watch!

  27. I like Delmar but if I win I will let him pick.

  28. I like the Delmar Red

  29. I like the Sully watch the best!

  30. I like the Sully Cherry & Maple.

  31. I like the delmar series… tough to pick a fav!

  32. I like the Sully Series in Cherry.

  33. I like the SULLY SERIES Black & Maple.

  34. i like the 94A SERIES Natural Green & Maple

  35. 94A SERIES Chocolate.

  36. I love the 746 series.

  37. I really like the Ely watch in cherry

  38. The Delmar green is nice my son loves these so if i win he gets it

  39. I like the DELMAR SERIES Red

  40. The Jord watch that appeals to me is the 746 in black.

  41. Fieldcrest in black is my favorite. So masculine!

  42. I like the 746 SERIES Black watch.

  43. Delmar White

  44. The Green Delmar appeals the most, but they are all so beautiful!!! It was a hard choice!

  45. i like the 746 black

  46. Delmar.

  47. The 746 in black and maple

  48. I really like the Sully-Cherry/Maple and the 94A-Chocolate.

  49. Delmar in red my favorite color.

  50. I like the Ely & Fieldcrest series!

  51. great looking watch

  52. I like the 94A series in chocolate. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  53. I like the 746 Series black.

  54. I like the Fieldcrest watch in black

  55. The 746 Series Black appeals to me.

  56. I like the 746 SERIES Black & Maple it’s absolutely stunning.

  57. the delmar in blue is incredible!! thank u!

  58. I like the 94A SERIES Chocolate

  59. the Fieldcrest watch in black

  60. I’m loving the men’s delmar watch!

  61. i love the
    746 SERIES Black

  62. Oooooh, Sully in Cherry! 😀

  63. I like the 746 in black.

  64. The Delmar in bamboo is pretty amazing!

  65. I like both 746’s but the Black and Maple one is real nice

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