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#OasisLowCalorie Contest and Twitter Party

From the time my oldest kids were introduced to juice I was fairly strict with how often I would allow my kids to drink it and what kind I would let touch their lips. Water was always a priority but when I considered juice it had to be packed full of vitamins and 100% juice, not concentrate. Now that my kids are older I’ve lightened up on the juice front as far as consumption goes but the nutritional value is just as important, maybe even more so now that they drink more.




Oasis juice has been a brand of choice for my family because it’s a nutritious source of vitamins without the added sugars like other juices with a variety of flavours everyone in our family loves. Most mornings are hectic around here, meaning quick breakfasts are a must and smoothies are practically a staple. Oasis Smoothie makes our mornings more manageable to get out the door on time and know my kids have had a healthy dose of brain food nutrients that they need to kick start their day.


Oasis Berry Pomegranate Smoothie Recipe


On mornings where we want to add a few extras to our smoothies, we choose our favourite classic Oasis juice flavours and know our travel mugs are jam packed full of only the best. This Oasis Berry and Pomegranate Smoothie recipe will definitely be on my list to try; it could easily be adapted with the new Oasis Nutrisource 40 calories juice cocktails for those looking to save on calories. Oasis Nutrisource comes in a variety of flavours with 100% juice, are jammed with antioxidants and they have  a low  calories version too. My exercise regimen and healthier diet are thanking me for this.


Oasis Nutrisource

This fruit juice cocktail provides only 40 calories per serving with no added sugar, sucralose or aspartame, one 250 ml glass is a good source of antioxidant vitamins C and E.


You can follow Oasis on social media too! Here are their Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.


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Oasis Shopping Spree Contest

Sign up to for Oasis coupons and be entered to win 1 of 10 $1000 shopping sprees! $1 off Oasis juices and 10 $1000 shopping sprees, can you say WIN?!


Twitter Party ALERT


Join us February 25th at 9 pm EST for an hour of fun, delicious conversation and amazing prizes at the #OasisLowCalorie Twitter party!


To be eligible to win RSVP below and follow your hosts and moderators. Join us on Twitter using the hashtag at 9pm EST on February 25th.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored. All Opinions are 100% my own.


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