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Vote for the Worst Roads and #ONWorstRoads Twitter Party

The snow is melting all around us and were relieved; it’s been a long cold winter and no matter who you talk to, they are ready for spring to stay. Soon trees will start budding, tulips will break ground and signs of life will start blooming everywhere again; it’s officially spring. Every spring I hear the same chatter among friends, family and media alike; the top conversation buzzing about isn’t the next sport our kids will join or the next holiday, its potholes and the competitive comparison of the worst roads we’ve come across.





We live on the Farm now but I drive into the city daily and it doesn’t matter what street you drive down . . . before the Spring thaw, your vehicle would get hung up on deep ruts, making it impossible to pass safely; it’s always a hazard waiting to happen. Snow removal cannot be counted on and now that the snow has nearly melted, the roads are like driving through a mine field just hoping you can swerve safely around the largest one that might just swallow up your vehicle. Potholes are a hot topic, enough to anger even the kindest driver. The drivers aren’t the only ones concerned; CAA is joining the fight with their CAA Worst Roads Campaign.


CAA Worst Roads Campaign


Each year we complain, and almost compete with each other, about the biggest potholes and the worst roads we come across and each year CAA launches their Worst Roads Campaign to allow Ontario residents to nominate, vote and help determine the least maintained roads. Contending with heavy traffic and road construction is bad enough without having to worry about vehicle damage or your loved ones pedestrian safety due to poorly maintained road conditions. CAA wants to hear it from you first!




Last year, Ontario’s top 10 local worst roads are as follows:


  1. Dufferin St ~Toronto
  2. Burlington St E ~ Hamilton
  3. Finch Ave W ~ Toronto
  4. Kraft Creek Rd ~ Timmins
  5. Bayview Ave ~ Toronto
  6. Lawrence Ave E ~ Toronto
  7. Wharncliffe Rd S ~ London
  8. Bouvier Rd Clarence ~ Rockland
  9. Carling Ave ~ Ottawa
  10. Stanley Ave ~ Niagara Falls


Head on over to CAA’s Facebook Page to join in the conversation, and go to to nominate your choice for Ontario’s worst roads in the CAA Worst Roads Campaign starting March 25th!. At the end of the campaign, you will have helped CAA determine Ontario’s 2014 Top 10 Worst Roads List. They will share those results with you and will make recommendations to Ontario’s provincial and municipal governments. Why will this help? This campaign has proven to be successful; in the past 90% of Ontario’s roads on the CAA Worst Roads List have been repaired or are scheduled to be.


#ONWorstRoads Twitter Party Alert

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Date: Wednesday, March 26th 2014 9pm EST

Hosts: @CAASCO & @MomsTownMedia

Prizing: 5 – $50 Petro- Canada Gift Cards™ plus a grand prize of an iPad Mini 16GB



Disclosure: I am participating in the CAA Worst Roads campaign; this is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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