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Easter and Mother’s Day Memories with #HallmarkPressPause Giveaway



Less than a week ago my grandmother of 90 years fell ill, became hospitalized and quickly deteriorated. She was a strong spitfire of a woman who had a hard life but spent it helping others in a career of nursing. Despite some of her hardships as a widowed mother who never remarried, she always had an admirable glass half full outlook. Easter weekend is upon us and I sit reminiscing about all the holidays spent with grandma giggling at our expense. Things won’t be the same at our holiday gatherings but over time the hurt will fade and the memories will keep us smiling.




When I became a first time mother, family became even more important to me. The value in tradition and closeness of the generations in family were always important but once you become a mother the understanding of that becomes crystal clear. I look forward each year to celebrating the woman in my life on Mother’s Day. Just the thought counts but gifting something small to remind my Mother and Grandmother’s how special they are brings a little sparkle to their eye and warms my heart too.


Hallmark Canada has always been part of my holidays. When I want to tell someone how special they are, Hallmark always seems to have the perfect words or gift idea. This Easter and Mother’s Day Hallmark has some of the cutest and thoughtful gift ideas that won’t break your wallet.




This Cheery Chick and Blissful Bunny is an adorable ornament reminds me of holiday ornaments displayed when I was a child. A miniature world within an Easter egg will make imaginations go wild when the button is pressed the springtime scene illuminates and puts a smile on your face. With Hallmarks Rewards, you can snatch this cutie up for $14.95.IttyBittyEaster


Every Easter I seek out unique Easter basket ideas. I don’t like to fill the kids baskets entirely with candy and then deal with the sugar explosion to follow. These itty bittys Disney Springtime Limited Addition Plush Minie and Mickey Mouse are absolutely adorable and the perfect addition to any Easter basket. I especially love that they are small enough for the tiniest of hands; Baby Ro had a collection started from Valentine’s Day and to this day he still drags these along his travels. These itty bitty sweeties can be snagged for $6.95 MRSP.


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On Mother’s Day most often us Moms don’t care to have a big display put on; I much prefer little acts of kindness over the year to show me that I am appreciated. Part of being a mom is a lot of thankless acts however; just having one of my kids do the dishes without being asked is a gem in itself. Since moving out of my parents home many  moons ago, I look to gift simple sentiments as a reminder how important my mom is to me. This Desktop Sentiment Plaque is a double-sided timeless and whimsical message reminders of life’s moments, big or small. $19.95 MRSP.




I love this decorator fabric style Magnetic Memo Board Burlap for displaying little love notes, random thoughts or even those special pictures of Mom; at a quick glance, your mom can always be there cheering you on. Gift this Memo Board this Mother’s day with pictures of the grand-kids and Mom for a priceless sentiment.  $24.95 MRSP.
This Mother’s Day Snippets and Stories book is my favourite gift idea this year from Hallmark. Fill this beautiful wire-bound book in handmade paper with those special moments of Mom before gifting it to her on Mother’s Day. Imagine the look on her face when she is surprised with all the thoughtfulness put in such a special gift. With Hallmark Rewards you can pick this up for $24.95.


Hallmark has many more Easter and Mother’s Day gift ideas to choose from, these are some of my personal favourites this year. For last minute Easter gift ideas or to celebrate the Mom or Grandmother in your life, head to your closest Hallmark retail store.



Hallmark Cookie Press

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Disclosure:  As a member of the Hallmark Press Pause Panel, Hallmark Canada has provided me with promotional items.  All thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are honest and my own.


57 comments on “Easter and Mother’s Day Memories with #HallmarkPressPause Giveaway”

  1. Thank you! Such a lovely post 🙂 Family really is so important, isn’t it? I love your pictures!

  2. I take my kids to day out with thomas for a family outing for mother’s day!

  3. We always have a brunch with Mom and Mom in-law. Sometimes after we go greenhouse hopping! Always a fun day! Love you Mom!

  4. Beautiful post! We celebrate mother’s day all together…grandma, greatgrandma, my mom and mother in law. We have a big Mother’s day brunch with all our families together.

  5. I usually take my mother over some flowers and something else small, and with me I’m lucky if my girls even call me, their excuse is they forgot

  6. My husband will make me a special meal. This year my daughter might be old enough to help him. We will also take out his mom for dinner and get her some flowers that she loves.

  7. We usually have a special meal for my mother to celebrate her day.

  8. We have a nice dinner 🙂

  9. I have only a fur-baby, and my own mom is too far away to visit – it’s a Hallmark holiday!

  10. I have no mom and this will be my first one myself so I’m not sure!

  11. I get to sleep in till 9, out for breakfast then noone can object my activities. This year I want to play mini golf and eat sushi

  12. I usually go out for dinner with my mom and get her a nice present and ccard for her well spending some quality time together

  13. going out for brunch with the family

  14. We celebrate Mother’s Day at home having a few treats for dinner and best of all I do not cook that day!

  15. We start Mother’s Day by attending the Sunday morning church service with my family, then we have breakfast together. Then we usually go to my mom’s for dinner with my brother, sister and their family. So we do something special with my children and grandchild, then we do something that includes the rest of my family.

  16. i don’t live near my mom, sadly I won’t be spending it with her, but i’m hoping my kids take me out for lunch or perhaps get me a plant ..

  17. Take my mom out for brunch withmy sisters

  18. we celebrate Mother’s Day by having a family BBQ .

  19. With family and friends

  20. Usually my husband and kids take me out for dinner

  21. I live far away from my mom so i usually just hang out with my boys and we go out for supper

  22. We celebrate with Brunch at our favourite place!

  23. my wife cooks dinner for my mom and my sisters and their kids

  24. I take my mom out for lunch and buy her a special gift.

  25. Breakfast in bed is our number one celebration of the day! I love breakfast food so much and getting it in bed just makes it all that much better

  26. usualkly get my mom a gift but this year it is my first year as a mom, so who knows whats gonna happen

  27. I usually spend half the day with my husbands family at brunch and the the afternoon with my mom.

  28. Since my mother is in a different province, I don’t do much more than send her a card and call her. My kids usually take me out to lunch and then I visit my grandmother afterwards.

  29. I share the day with my mom and we usually have the men BBQ and clean up!!

  30. This year my mom is coming from out of town and there will be about 20 of us going out to lunch.

  31. I usually make dinner for mom at her house

  32. My boys bring me breakfast in bed and we spend the day together as a family

  33. We usually go out to dinner!

  34. I enjoy spending time with both my mom and MIL. I plan on meeting my mom for lunch and surprise her with a pedi (shes never had one!), then head to my in-laws for a bbq. MIL likes to cook for all of us and our families!

  35. we have no special plans for mothers day.

  36. My mom and I always go to my grandmother’s house on Mother’s Day with cake and flowers (for both of them)

  37. This year my DD is planning a special breakfast she’ll make with Daddy then we’re all going out for supper.

  38. Spend the day with my family, park with the kids and hubby cooks.

  39. I will take my mom out for dinner.

  40. We go to dinner.

  41. Usually go to dinner and the movies

  42. I will go and visit my mother and spend the day with my children.

  43. we go out to dinner

  44. spend the day with my kids

  45. We spend the day as a family and have a nice dinner together

  46. Usually with a nice dinner and the whole family.

  47. my husband usually lets me sleep in and i get something homemade from my kids

  48. We celebrate by having a dinner out

  49. We all get together and my fiance and my son cook, myself, my mom and my daughter a wonderful mother’s day dinner. I get to also spend time with my grandchildren, its always a wonderful day.

  50. I spend it with those that made me the best person I am today- my children. We celebrate each other. We go fishing and hiking and in the evening, we watch movies.

  51. We always go to my Mom’s house, and my dad always makes Stuffed Spare Ribs.

  52. I’m going to spend the day with her and bake her a cake.

  53. I make a great dinner and spend family time at the park.

  54. we celebrate mother’s day by having a nice relaxing day at home with my family

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