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Spring Fashion Faux Pas, BFF’s and #Wendys #NewSaladCollection



It’s not too often I can take a day to myself for a casual lunch date with a girlfriend but I’m okay with that. I keep on top of the inner workings of the family while Hubs works long hours and more often than not, my outings include my kids in tow. Most outings consist of a quick trip in for groceries or shuttling the older kids to their various activities; it’s not too often that I can spend a complete day with just the girls. Every mom needs to make time for a lunch date chatting and shopping with the girls, to reconnect, laugh and enjoy the company.



My mother-in-law is an amazing woman; I not only consider her like my own mother but a friend or confident that has held my hand through some of my weakest moments as a mother, a woman I also consider a friend.  Lately life has been busy and we haven’t spent as much time together as usual so I asked her to a lunch date at Wendy’s. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to spend time together across the generations, just mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, grand-daughter and Baby Ro, who Baby Girl considers her sidekick, and to try the new Wendy’s salads before an afternoon of shopping.



I ordered the BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad and my mother-in-law tried the Asian Cashew Chicken Salad. In the midst of conversation about the new spring fashion sales, we took a moment to express the surprisingly bold flavour layering and vibrant colour of the new Wendy’s salads. At first glance, the salads looked appealing; unlike competitors I found care was taken into each presentation and the flavour infusion of the ingredients was amazing. In fact, my mother-in-law said she would definitely order the salad again; she made sure to eat every last morsel. I remember the introduction of salads into quick serve restaurants; can you believe it’s been over 30 years since Wendy’s was first to introduce a salad bar? I think I just aged myself. Cough.


In case your wondering here’s a few more facts about the savory salads we tried:


Asian Cashew Chicken

  • Spicy
  • Not your typical canned fruit and ginger dressing
  • Uses on trend ingredients such as fire roasted edamame, fresh red peppers and cucumbers, a lettuce blend of 11 different kinds of greens and a light Asian Chili Vinaigrette dressing
  • Delicious and nutritious- only 370 calories

BBQ Ranch Chicken

  • Savory backyard BBQ in a bowl
  • Uses premium ingredients that you see around your grill, such as fire roasted corn, freshly diced tomatoes, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, and a honey BBQ sauce.
  • The salad is served with a BBQ Ranch dressing, made with real buttermilk, parmesan cheese, ancho chili peppers, honey and brown sugar.


A Healthier Alternative


Being more health conscious as I grow older it’s important to me that Wendy’s gives me a healthier alternative to quick serve foods with their 3 new salads, Asian Cashew Chicken, BBQ Ranch Chicken and Taco Supremo Salads, which are 50% lower in fat, 29% lower in sodium, and 61% lower in saturated fat. Just as important, Wendy’s salads are prepped every day right in their restaurants with freshly cut tomatoes, cucumbers and red peppers onsite before topping with warm chili or 100% premium white chicken breast grilled on location in full or half sized portions. I know one thing I tend to get an icky feeling about is wondering whether or not the salad I order is properly washed. I was surprised to learn a salad spinner is in every Wendy’s kitchen to wash and hand-chop heads of romaine and iceberg every day to be mixed with a triple-washed leafy spring mix made with 9 different greens. Unlike other competitors, Wendy’s offers options with your health in mind.




Enjoying our mini generation lunch date immersed in conversation about the latest fashion trends, crop tops, body suits and high waist jeans, we wondered what fashion faux pas Baby Girl would find herself prey to. I was from the era of crop tops and stirrup pants and as hot-to-trot as I thought I was, some fashion trends should remain history. With a belly full of laughs and a satisfying meal, we decided a lunch date at Wendy’s was needed more often.




When was the last time you spent a lunch date out as ‘Girlfriends at Wendy’s Eating Salads and Talking about Stuff’? I think it’s time to make a date with Wendy’s, chat about the next big thing and try one of the new flavour bursting salads.


Disclosure: Although this post has been generously sponsored by Wendy’s, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect Wendy’s. 


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