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Dental Care Tips from Childhood Through Adulthood

Take a look around my blog and you can immediately tell that my family loves food. I always encourage healthy foods first but we all enjoy our sweets now and then. When my older kids were younger, I was quite strict with the types of foods I would let them have; anything other than the recommended food group before lunch was unheard of. No pre-lunch chocolate milk, no candy for snacks and juice was limited to one glass a day. Maybe it’s that I’m an older mom now, or that I’m on my fifth child, but I have relaxed a little and let the kids indulge a little more than I used to. One thing that hasn’t changed is the constant reminders of dental care, especially when my kids have had sugary sweets.


Dental Care Tips for Kids


Now that Baby Ro is not exclusively breastfed and sprouting some adorable pearly whites, we are making a point to show the older kids how important dental care is from infant age through to adult life. Obviously I don’t brush their teeth for them anymore and although I may sound like an annoying broken record, I want to make sure my kids brush their teeth morning and night at a minimum and it helps the younger siblings learn along their side.


Infant Incentives:

For many new parents, the last thing on their mind is brushing their infant’s teeth – but starting good habits from the beginning will avoid future toothache. The key:

  1. Start early – Even before all the teeth appear you can get your infant used to brushing with Baby Orajel™ Tooth & Gum Cleanser with Finger Brush.
  2. Create a positive environment – In the same manner that we avoid going to the dentist every 6 months, for an infant having his/her teeth cleaned maybe a scary experience. Be sure to create a relaxing and positive environment and do not force tooth brushing when they are uncomfortable.


Toddler Tips:

Toddlers are curious and incredibly observant, unfortunately at this age they don’t truly understand the importance of brushing their teeth. There are a few things you can do to keep them engaged:

  1. Play – At this stage, making brushing as fun as possible is the key to success! Embrace the love for their favourite character or TV shows, like Orajel™ Bubble Guppies™ toothbrush and toothpaste, to encourage them to brush.
  2. Establish a routine – Who said brushing needs to be boring? You can decide when it’s best for your little one to brush their teeth and if this means in the bathtub when they are playful or right before bed, when they are sleepy – it’s whatever works for you!


Children’s Choice:

As children grow, it can become increasingly difficult to encourage them to continue brushing twice a day to avoid the sugar bugs ruining their teeth. Sometimes, finding a solution can really be quite simple.

  1. Let your children choose their toothbrush – Children crave a certain sense of independence, by letting them chose their own toothbrush, you bring a sense of pride and fun into their routine. Brushing with the Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Super Mario Power Brush will bring your kids to the next level of brushing, a reward equivalent to beating game levels.
  2. Lead by example – If your children don’t see you brushing your teeth, you can be sure that they won’t be convinced when you tell them how important it is. Showing them how to brush and setting a positive example will help them understand the importance of proper care.


Teen and Adult Benefits:

As teens and adults we only have one set of teeth to work with and maintain – this makes the importance of proper carethat much greater. You begin to really appreciate the importance of a radiant smile, which is proven by doctors to boost confidence and overall health*. In your search for ways to keep those pearly whites bright, look for added benefits in your oral hygiene routine:

  1. Pick the right toothpaste – You’re on your final set of teeth, treating them with kindness and respect will get you far. Look for toothpaste that strengthens your enamel, while still whitening your teeth. Arm & Hammer™ Truly Radiant™ toothpaste is formulated with baking soda, peroxide and liquid calcium – the perfect trio, giving teeth both strength and beauty.
  2. Take brushing up a notch – With Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Truly Radiant™ brushes, removing more plaque just got easier. The elongated bristles allow you to maneuver those hard to reach areas, ensuring you’ve cleaned every nook and cranny of your mouth for a thorough clean and bright white smile.


What are you waiting for? Show me your pearly whites!




Disclosure- I am part of the Church & Dwight ambassador program. All opinions expressed are honest and my own. 


6 comments on “Dental Care Tips from Childhood Through Adulthood”

  1. I have found that if I brush with my little guy, he mirrors what I do.

  2. This is great! In all honesty I HATED brushing my teeth when I was a child, but I am so glad that my mother made me!

  3. Something else that might help motivate your kids to brush their teeth is letting them choose their toothbrush if they have a cool one they’re more likely to want to use it.

  4. My kids have been having a hard time with brushing recently, so these are all really helpful tips that might help them do better with brushing.

  5. Its so great that you made a post on this, I have an infant and she’s starting to teethe. I didn’t know how to take care of her teeth or what to expect until I read your article. Thank you very much!

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