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Embrace the Filth this Spring with OxiClean™


I have a big family and that means we go through a lot of laundry every week. Kids are messy; there isn’t a way around it so I prefer to embrace the filth. Sticky little fingers, drips and splats of food and grass stains on those chubby little knees are all part of the fun of raising a family and that’s why I count on my laundry detergent and stain remover to get the job done.


Strawberries are one of Baby Ro’s favourite foods and for some reason my husband continually forgets to put a bib on the child before feeding him foods that are known to stain clothing. Surprisingly this time he only had one small stain on his bright yellow shirt but normally his clothes are covered in food, with or without a bib. I’m still baffled at how this child can possibly get completely covered in food within seconds; I think he does it on purpose.

With a couple quick sprays of OxiClean ™ and a run through the wash with detergent, this yellow shirt is stain-free and back to it’s brightest yellow, a colour that reminds me so much of spring. I love all the new buds on the trees, the grass starting to green and the fresh scent in the air after rain which always seems to get me into the spring clean mood.


It’s not quite warm enough consistently to pack up all our winter clothes for the next year but when it is, I always wash all our winter gear before putting it away.  Regardless of clothing, OxiClean ™ rids your clothes of powerful enough to clean deeply removing a wide range of everyday stains, dried on stains including grass, soil, clay, fruit, chocolate, grease, oil, blood, and gentle enough for my smallest clothes.

Why is OxiClean™ so powerful and how does it work?  This new detergent is powered by three high-performance colour safe enzymes, to fight a wide variety of complex stains and provide brilliant whites and bright colours.


For more information about how OxiClean ™ can help you keep your clothing bright and stain-free this spring, visit


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  1. I absolutely love OxiClean,use it everyday and thanks to my new edition my grandson I’m back to cleaning out many stains on clothes lol.Great product and works amazing too

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