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Crushing on Another @EpiphanieBags Review and Giveaway

I’ve had several camera’s over the years, upgrading each time for quality of photograph, but it wasn’t until about a year ago that I joined the world of DSLR cameras with my Canon Rebel TSi3. I was taking decent photo’s on the manual setting of my Canon Powershot point and shoot but new I needed something with more detail for my many recipes.




Before I go any further, just look at that bag and tell me you aren’t crushing on it BIG time.


With my new DSLR camera and interchangeable lenses in hand I knew I needed to protect it with a camera case so I set out to the stores. What I found was boring, plain and shockingly expensive for something I would almost be embarrassed lugging around; until I found Epiphanie.


I couldn’t believe my eyes at the gorgeousness that stared back at me. All shades of colours, numerous fashionable styles for woman and men and bags that could easily pass for a purse. It’s not often I get really excited about a product, the kind of excited that makes you want to convince everyone you know that this will be their next purchase but Epiphanie had me at “Stella“.Β In my opinion, Epiphanie is to camera bags what Madonna was to pop music, a complete Rolling Stones magazine worthy kind of rockstar.



This beauty of a bag, shown here in olive colour, is not just for looks; this camera bag is heavy duty prepped for a walk with the stroller on the town packed full of your DSLR gear without the worry that your camera may end up damaged. Looking at the stitch-work alone, I can tell extra care was laid in the overall design to ensure a solid case for one of my most prized possessions, my camera. The rivets, the strap and zippers, every part of the design comes together in a secure package.


The inside of the camera bag gets even better, a soft fabric covering the entire inside with fabric covered separators that can be removed or adjusted with Velcro fasteners to work around your camera and lenses for just the right fit of protection. The design of the inside compartment is just what your camera needs to avoid damage while transporting between photo-shoots. Personally, I take my camera everywhere with me. Most of my photography leans towards food but I love to take as many candid shots as I can and I love that this Stella bag, as do many Epiphanie bags, looks like a fashionable compliment to my outfit.




Epiphanie is not just for women. There are many fashion-forward camera bags for men in very manly colours and styles, like this “London” backpack style in burnt orange. Hubs may not be into wearing my Stella bag but I think this colour would be absolutely handsome on him. A good looking bag, in a complimentary colour and it doubles for a laptop bag? The perfect Father’s Day or birthday gift idea.


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Enter to WIN an Epiphanie bag of your choice; we’re giving away TWO (2 winners)! If you win and you choose a bag for yourself, rather the man in your life, we won’t tell. Enter in the form below. Open to US & Canadian residents. Ends July 2nd 11:59:59 EST.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received product in exchange for an honest review; all opinions are 100% my own.


181 comments on “Crushing on Another @EpiphanieBags Review and Giveaway”

  1. One of the bags in cobalt, BROOKLYN Backpack or LOLA

  2. I’m a huge fan of the Stella!

  3. I’d love to win the London Epiphanie bag! My lovely and very supportive boyfriend could carry it for me when we’re out doing sessions (sometimes your bag can get heavy or in the way!) and not look silly! πŸ™‚ Plus, I wouldn’t look ridiculous using it either!

  4. London bag pack is outstanding:)

  5. Love the London in brown.

  6. I would select the Sydney Bag in Turquoise. With the camera charm…of course.

  7. great bag;can fit all my stuffs

  8. I would love any of these great bags, but if I had to choose one, i think it would be the Stella.

  9. Β the red Lola bag is cute

  10. Too many great bags to choose. Maybe Sydney in turqoise.

  11. Probably Lola in red

  12. i love that the bags are so fashionable!

  13. I’d so pick up the ginger or the belle…soo many to choose from though!

  14. I’d choose the Clover bag in Teal.

  15. Wow, so many great options. My current favorite is Ginger – Slate Blue.

  16. I think I’d pick the Brooklyn backpack

  17. I love the Stella in Olive! It’s sooo gorgeous! We have great taste!

  18. I love the green bag.

  19. Clover or Stella in Turquoise

  20. Fabulous Bag! Thanks for the nice giveaway πŸ™‚

  21. in love with the sydney

  22. I would love to win a camera bag. I currently don’t have one to protect my Canon Camera

  23. I really love the grey stella bag.

  24. Oh my god! Loving the backpacks! The Brooklyn in Blush would be perfect for my very first trip to NYC. Also the Charlotte is pretty much the coolest camera bag in history.

  25. My poor old DSLR is tired of being stuffed into my purse. Clover in Teal would be amazing πŸ™‚

  26. The Stella bag looks great!

  27. MADISON – Teal

  28. charlotte in cobalt

  29. I would choose the red Lola bag πŸ™‚

  30. I can’t believe these are camera bags. So cute! I’d pick the Belle in Kiwi

  31. How fantastic are these? Finally someone who gets you can mix style with practicality.

    Choose just one? Gah! The Lola in red is pretty hawt. So is the Charlotte in metallic (love the stripes). The Stella in slate blue is very pretty as well.

    Yup, can you say indecisive much?! But how can you choose when they’re all so fab!

  32. oh, the London would be a lovely new home for my cameras;)

  33. Sydney in grey is adorable, I love them all!!!

  34. I would choose the Stella bag.

  35. I love the clover bag in teal. That would be my choice.

  36. I like the CLOVER – Black

  37. i would love the london in navy or burnt orange.

  38. I would pick the belle in kiwi

  39. I like the Belle Bag in Teal.

  40. The stella is nice!

  41. I like the Stella in green.

  42. I would choose the Lola Bag in Caramel.


  43. i like the london in brown

  44. brooklyn backpack

  45. I like the austin and the london both in black

  46. I love the Stella, but I’d pick it in Plum! Hard to choose, as all the Epiphanie Bags are beautiful! Great review on the Stella bag.Thanks.

  47. I love the red Lola bag.

  48. clover red looks awesome

  49. I would choose Lyric in brown.

  50. I would choose the Brooklyn in turquoise. These bags are very stylish.

  51. I like the Lyric bag in Olive.

  52. I think the men’s London style is perfect or the Lola in Caramel – so stylish!

  53. My favorite is their Stella bag in the Slate blue – gorgeous bags!

  54. I would choose the Lola camera bag in Red.

  55. I would choose the LONDON Backpack – Burnt Orange .

  56. I would choose the Stella in plum.

  57. I would love the LOLA – Pink

  58. I like the London Backpack style in Burnt Orange since my husband often ends up carrying the camera while I am busy.

  59. I would love to give my mom the Lola bag in black for her new camera!

  60. I think I would try the Belle in Teal. Its a great summer color bag!

  61. Ginger in caramel. Awesome !

  62. LONDON Backpack – Black

  63. i want the stella in pink

  64. I like the Burnt Orange London bag.

  65. I love the LYRIC – Olive.

  66. I would like the SYDNEY – Turquoise

  67. I would love the Ginger in grey! So cute!

  68. I think the best bag is the men’s LONDON Backpack – Brown

  69. I would choose the MADISON – Teal.

  70. I love the Charlotte in Cobalt!

  71. I would choose the Ginger in Slate Blue.

  72. I like the Clover bag in black.

  73. I love the “Stella” bag!

  74. I would love to have the London style.*

  75. I like the SYDNEY – Caramel
    Thanks for the contest.

  76. Madison in Teal is just beautiful! I’d love to be seen with that bag!

  77. wonder who won?

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