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DIY Father’s Day Sharpie Mug



Hubs already received his gift as an early Father’s Day gift but Baby Girl announced today that she wanted to give her daddy and extra special homemade gift tomorrow. Normally that would leave me a good day to go shopping but being that it’s been pouring all day, the grid roads aren’t the best for travelling and I don’t feel like mud bogging in the mini van. I decided on this super easy last minute Father’s Day gift idea, a DIY Father’s Day Mug.


All you need is a Sharpie permanent marker, or two (if you want more than black), an older white mug and a little creativity. Dollar store mugs work great for this, if you don’t already have an old white mug kicking around like I did. I decided on a mustache mug because I think it will be hilarious when he’s drinking his coffee tomorrow and well, I like laughing at my husband. Snicker.



Draw your designs  and on the back write a personalized message, or not, before baking the mug. Once you have finished drawing on the mug, place the mug in the oven before turning it on to 450 degrees F., bake for 45 minutes, shut off and allow to cool completely before washing and wrapping it up in gift wrap for the big reveal to that special dad in your life. If you have older kids, it would be great to see what they come up with for designs. Write a favourite quote, a special date or anything that you think would make this mug extra special.


This one is easy and quick, especially for those who are scrambling for a gift for Father’s Day. I think it’s my favourite gift of all; sometimes the price isn’t what matters most.


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7 comments on “DIY Father’s Day Sharpie Mug”

  1. This is an awesome craft/DIY idea. I really like that it doesn’t cost much either! Great post Stacey 🙂

    • Thanks Jason! 🙂 I’m not an artist but it was fun and my Hubby loved that the LO “helped” lol I can imagine some pretty awesome designs for those who are a little more artistic than me. Happy Father’s Day!

      • Lol, I’m no artist either. I think I might try this with our little guy. He’ll like having his own cup that he designed and guaranteed will be showing it off.

      • So fun and funny, just this morning my 4 y/o asked for her very own cup too. I’d love to see a picture of your LO’s when it’s done. Tweet it to me 🙂

  2. Great craft idea! There are SO many great things you could draw onto the mug… 🙂

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  4. What an amazing gift one of these would make! Thanks!

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