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DIY Succulent Teacher Gift Printables



Baby Girl recently graduated from her first year at preschool. She’s disappointed but she is excited to attend the big kid preschool where she’ll have the chance to take the school bus from the farm. I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet; she seems so small but I have been assured they are under tight supervision and I will just have to trust that for now.


The other day Baby Girl and I got our hands a little dirty potting these little pots of sunshine for her teachers. We added these adorable printable tags on Popsicle sticks for the awwww-factor; “Thanks for helping me grow!” is the perfect sentiment and you can snag these printables in the colour of your choice below.





Formal graduation ceremony is coming up next week and Baby Girl asked to  give something special to her teachers and teacher helpers. I personally love the extra touch of a gift a little one has helped make and I am not talking about macaroni necklaces. There are a lot of DIY teacher gifts that I am sure the teachers have had more than enough of but something simple and practical with just a little touch of sunshine is sure to put a smile on their face. These DIY Succulent Teacher Gifts were under $5 for each; the succulents were $3.49 each, the pots I found at the dollar store for $1.25 each and the rest I had in craft and scrap supplies.


This is a very easy project for a little one to help with. My daughter loved this project; she was excited that she was allowed to transplant the succulents all by herself and she did a great job.



Materials Needed

  • 1 Succulent of your choice from your local greenhouse for each pot
  • 1 pot for each gift, the dollar store is perfect
  • 1 popscicle stick for each gift
  • glue stick
  • 1 printed tag for each gift
  • scrap scrapbook paper in complimenting colours for tag backing
  • scissors
  • potting soil
  • printer to print the tags




Once the pots are ready to go. Print the tags and cut each circle out. I had my daughter glue the tags on the scrapbooking paper and then I cut around those for a sturdier tag with a nicer looking backing. Then she had fun gluing each tag onto the Popsicle sticks. Glue is always fun for kids.



The most rewarding part was this look of pride and accomplishment on Baby Girls face after she finished off each succulent teacher gift with tags inserted. I hadn’t realized something so simple would make me the “best mom ever” but I will take it. For the rest of the day she wouldn’t stop nattering about how much fun she had making these and asking if we could plant flowers again sometime. Smile.


For a unique DIY teacher gift idea under $5, one your little one can share have a hand in creating, try these pots of sunshine. Succulents are low maintenance, they do not need to be watered often.




Print your own succulent teacher gift tags in pink, blue, green or yellow.

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4 comments on “DIY Succulent Teacher Gift Printables”

  1. Super cute project Stacey! Your kids are so adorable!

  2. This is an awesome idea for a teacher’s gift! I’ve been trying to think of something a little different for them for Christmas this year. I think this is it, thanks!

  3. OMG these are too cute! Thanks for the idea!

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