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Road Tripping to The Resort at Cypress Hills #TLPFamilyTravel

As a single mom of 3 little kids, I began looking for budget friendly family travel options that was in fairly close proximity to home, in case anything should happen. My first year as a single parent vacationing with my kids, I decided on Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan. It was around a 4 hour drive from home but far enough away to be immersed in what I call “real camping”. From my first camping trip years ago to now, remarried with an additional 2 kids to our blended family, we take at least one camping trip in the summer and Cypress Hills is one location my kids always get excited most to go back to.


The Resort at Cypress Hills Saskatchewan Family Travel


For years we have enjoyed the camping lots at Cypress Hills. My first year I couldn’t afford much but it didn’t matter, I packed up my car with 3 little kids, the dog, a tent and a hole bunch of camping gear and off we went on an adventure. Thinking back to it now at nearing 40, cough, I am exhausted but to this day this is THE trip my kids still talk about; we have so many memories together as a family. We have been back several times since camping with a trailer but this year, we’ve been invited to stay at The Resort at Cypress Hills. Instead of camping we’ll be glamping in style at the resort nestled among the trees.




The Resort at Cypress Hills has options for every type of vacationer, regular hotel rooms, townhouses for the glamper and cabins for those who want the feel of their own cottage life. Our family will be staying in a 3 bedroom, 2 story townhouse, that’s 850 square feet of much needed space for a large family like mine. What I love about it is that I don’t have to bring along all the extra’s, like blankets and cooking accessories, because the resort offers fully stocked accommodations. Just my family and our stuff to enjoy a much needed break where we can spend time together in tranquility. We won’t be bringing our dog along this time but for those with pets, this resort is pet-friendly.


The Resort at Cypress Hills Ivans Restaurant


The Resort at Cypress Hills is tranquility at it’s best but don’t assume you are off the grid without the amenities of the modern world. The resort offers spa and massage treatments in the Northern Lights Therapy Spa; Hubs and I would die for a spa date without the kids. Maybe the eldest can babysit while we sneak away for a couple hours. Pfft.


If you are a fitness buff and the weather is keeping you indoors, the resort offers fitness classes and a gym with weight and cardio equipment to suit your needs. Personally I prefer the old fashioned hiking experience to get my blood pumping. One of my families favourite activities in Cypress Hills is our daily hikes on the trails where we are sure to see wildlife in one form or another. On a couple of visits we came across a Moose and her baby; they were amazing to watch from a safe distance.


Food. You know being a foodie, the local food is what I sought out first. I’m looking forward to trying out the menu at the resort restaurant and pub, Ivan’s and The Pines. From a quick glance at the menu, my mouth is watering already. I want to see if I can trick my kids again into eating chicken rings, better known as Calamari. Snicker.


Where is Cypress Hills


Cypress Hills is located on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan. There are two sides to Cypress Hills, The Resort at Cypress Hills is about 40 km South of the Trans Canada Highway, passed Maple Creek, SK and nestled among the active family activity Saskatchewan side where there are many activities to choose from, whether you are camping or staying at the resort.


The Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park is a unique and ruggedly beautiful area, with forests, fields, and streams to enjoy; go camping, hiking, fly fishing, or just relax. The park is also a Dark-Sky Preserve – one of the largest in North America – so there is no better place for watching the night sky and maybe catching a meteor shower. 



Cypress Hills Saskatchewan Ziplining


Activities in the Area


Your family will never be bored in Cypress Hills; there are a lot of activities for all levels to enjoy. Beyond our usual favourite family activities put on by the Inter-Provincial park itself, we are looking forward to trying out some new adventures:


  • Zip-Lining at the Cypress Hills Eco-Adventures Ltd.
  • Cattle Drive at the Historic Reesor Ranch
  • Walking with dinosaurs at the T.rex Discovery Centre
  • Time travel to the Cypress Hills massacre at Fort Walsh
  • For the parents, a winery tour at Cypress Hills very own winery, Cypress Hills Vineyard and Winery
  • Practicing your putting skills at the Cypress Hills Golf Course
  • Gazing under the stars at the Cypress Hills Dark-Sky Preserve
  • Geocaching on the SaskSkies Geotour


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Picture sources: Cypress Hills Destination and The Resort at Cypress Hills


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. How lovely! It looks clean and it sounds fantastic really. Obviiously if the kids still talk about it then you know it was a success.

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