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My Morning Starts with Coffee

It’s been awhile now and I’ve tried, and retried, all of the Kraft Keurig®* Compatible Pods flavours. One thing’s for sure, I love my coffee; there isn’t a morning I go without it. It’s the only time in the day that my kids are still sleeping and I can step outside to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee on the deck, birds chirping in the background, animals walking about on the farm and that smell of freshly brewed coffee brings a smile to my face. My thoughts are my own at that moment before the chaos of the day begins. Serenity.



My mornings need a big kick in the pants. After I swallow my last drop of coffee I can count on the kids trickling down the stairs, one after another, sleep still in their eyes. God forbid if you talk to the teens before they talk to you; it’s like poking a bear who just awoke from a long winter slumber. Maxwell House Dark Roast remains my favourite, with the deep roasted flavour and just the get-up-and-go that I need to run my day. By mid-morning, after the kids morning routine has been accomplished, the Nabob Breakfast Blend is the perfect break before the lunch rush hits.


My Favourite Cup of Joe

The New Kraft Keurig®* Compatible Pods are available at your local grocer and work with Keurig® brewing systems. Not compatible with Keurig Vue® coffee makers.


Maxwell House Keurig®*Compatible Pods

  • 7 million cups a day make Maxwell House Canada’s #1 home-brewed cup
  • Each Maxwell House single serve pod contains 100% arabica coffee and is individually wrapped to seal in the freshness.
  • Available in Dark Roast, House Blend, and Decaf flavours


My favourite flavours have remained the same; have yours?


Try the NEW Keurig®* Compatible Pods’s


Kraft Canada has been generous to allow my readers the opportunity to experience the new Keurig®* Compatible Pods’s for themselves with a $1 off coupon for Maxwell House, Gevalia and Nabob Keurig®* Compatible Pods! For more info or to grab your coupon, GO HERE.


Enter the “Keurig Compatible Pods Giveaway”!

Calling all 10 winners from the first blog post giveaway, tell me which flavour you liked best from your samples for a chance to win a $50 Visa gift card! If you don’t know if that was you, it probably wasn’t. You would have had to enter to win the Keurig Compatible Pods form my first blog post here and would have been emailed and received your samples already. If that was you, you have another chance to win!

How to Enter

    • Must have won and sampled the coffee awarded in the first blog post
    • Leave 1 or more positive comments about your feedback of the Keurig®* Compatible Pods. Discuss all 3 flavours or just let me know your favourite.
    • Provide full name originally used to enter the contest in the first blog post
    • Leave a comment by Thursday July 17, 2014 12pm EST.


Terms and Conditions:

NO PURCHASE NESSESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Winner must leave at least 1 comment to be entered in the draw. Additional comments will not increase chances of winning. Winner will be randomly chosen. Winner must reside in Canada and be 18 years and over. Winners from my first blog post have until Thursday July 17, 2014, 12pm to post a comment. The winner will be contacted by sheblogs on July 18, 2014 by 5pm EST.  

*Works with Keurig® K-Cup® brewing systems. Not compatible with Keurig Vue® coffee makers. Keurig®, Keurig Vue®, and K-Cup® are registered trademarks of Keurig, Incorporated. Keurig, Incorporated is not affiliated with Kraft Canada Inc.


Although this post has been generously sponsored by Kraft Canada, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect Kraft Canada. 


9 comments on “My Morning Starts with Coffee”

  1. I liked all the coffees but my favorite was the Gevalia. I found it to be very smooth. I enjoyed it very much. I liked the dark Roast Maxwell House also. The Nabob was nice. Like I said they were all very good coffees.

  2. First of thank you for the opportunity. I really enjoyed the Maxwell House pods I received. They were tasty even though they were a little stronger than I am used too. Love how easy they were to remove from their packaging. I will be suggesting this products to others.

  3. I loved this product review/Giveaway. I was lucky to have won all three packages of Keurig Compatible Pods. This is what I think of it:
    – Loved that there is more coffee options for my Keurig
    – The Gevalia Kaffe is light and perfect for an afternoon beverage
    – The Nabob Breakfast blend is great morning pick me up that I liked to have after a good nights sleep
    – Maxwell House is my favourite. With my little one not sleeping and myself suffering through a cold and not sleeping. This bold dark roast is what I absolutely needed in the morning. I also like strong, bold flavours and this was it.
    – The only complaint I have which is no biggie is that there is lots of packaging. Maybe omit the outside layer and put the label on the top. I can always re-use the outside layer by growing seeds, or give it to my nieces to use as craft supplies.
    – The price is really reasonable for $8.00. Loved that there are coupons flying around!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. We are definitely coffee drinkers in my house (well, my husband and I anyway… not our 5 year old… haha). My husband can almost always be found with coffee in hand. I’m a 3 coffee a day girl (2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon), so we go through A LOT of coffee. When we first got our Keurig, we loved the variety of coffees available to us, and even bought the refillable cups. When I won these Kraft Keurig Compatible pods, I was anxious to see what they were all about.

    Unfortunately for me, they arrived while I was away for work, so my husband, got to sample them first. We’ve always been Nabob coffee drinkers, so natually he started with the Nabob Morning Blend coffee. A nice medium blend with a great smell that gets you going in the morning. We both love it.

    My personal favourite is the Gevalia coffee. I love flavoured coffees, which seems to push me towards lighter blended coffees. This may be a medium roast coffee, but don’t let that fool you, lots of flavour in this blend.

    As for the Maxwell House Dark Roast. I used some of this coffee to freeze and use in some iced coffee and “frappucino” recipes I came across on pinterest. Delicious! And my husband just loves it straight… nice, dark, full bodied, coffee.

    Al of that to say… my favourite, was definitely the Gevalia. Can’t wait to get some more!

  5. I was so happy when I found out I won a chance to try these three coffees and even happier when it arrived at my doorstep!
    I am a fan of all three flavours. I found they each provided just enough strength per cup.
    I must admit I never use to branch out with my coffee and would purchase Folgers and Maxwell House all the time. After being part of this experience I will definitely be buying Nabob and Gevalia from now on! Overall, great product!!

  6. These K Cups were awesome. Not so sure I am a big fan of all the extra packaging they were encased in as it would just add more to the landfill unless people were convinced to throw them into a recycling container.

    Now onto the coffee. The coffee was great. Period. I had a chance to taste all three flavors and I must say they were mild enough that I could drink them at night without having insomnia.

    Ive never bought outside the Keurig brand before but these three would be a good venture into having a great cup of coffee without being tied down to the Keurig brand solely.

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  8. My partner and I loved these K-cups and enjoyed all three flavours equally. I found the Nabob Morning Blend and Maxwell House Dark Roast to be bold and rich in flavour, and yet not too strong, which is important for me as I take my coffee black. My partner loved the Gevalia most, and request this one specifically, which is unlike him as he normally does not care much about what he is drinking!

    I would definitely repurchase these K-cups based on the taste as well as the value. We own a Keurig and, to be honest, we usually reserve their use for company, as it is easy to serve individual cups to suit individual tastes, and we have a hard to justifying regularly consuming K-cups with how pricey they can be per cup. I am definitely sold on the lower price of these Keurig compatible pods and look forward to trying more flavours!

  9. My husband and I were thrilled to try these new coffee flavors. With an 8 month old that doesn’t sleep through the night, we rely on several cups of coffee to get us through the day!

    We have always enjoyed Maxwell House coffee in a regular pot, but finally got a chance to try it out in the Keurig and we enjoyed it just as much as a single serving. We have never tried Gevalia, but really like the flavor and blend, even moreso than the Nabob.

    It’s always nice to try different coffee brands and blends, especially with our Keurig as we only have to drink so much if we don’t like the flavor!

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