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New Baby Alpaca Joined the Farm Named

If you’re not following along on Instagram, you are missing out on some serious baby animal cuteness. Recently our very first baby Alpaca, a girl Cria, was born to Muffin and after a little birthing assistance, Mom and baby are perfectly healthy. Isn’t she the sweetest?

02-07-2014 1-20-22 PM

I came home from dropping the kids off and when I glanced over at the pen, I noticed the babies head and hoof had already been delivered. I wasn’t sure if Muffin would need assistance but she seemed nervous about the dog that was clearly excited about the commotion so I hopped into the pen and kept a close eye on her. The one leg was still inside and causing some strain from what I could tell so upon the next set of pushes from Muffin, I guided the baby the rest of the way out and to the ground. I have a up close and personal picture on Instagram. I was amazed at how clean the whole birth was, in comparison to other births, and proud of Muffin for doing an amazing job.

07-07-2014 3-29-28 PM

Muffin’s motherly instincts took over; depsite being a first time mom she almost immediately began humming for baby to stand up and nurse. This picture says it all, the love between mother and baby is amazing.



Here are the very first moments of baby on her new legs. So cute! Piper got a little too close but Muffin snapped him back into place. I guess he was just as curious about the new baby as I was.
07-07-2014 3-30-47 PM


Hubs missed all the action but had his bonding moments with the new white and fluffy baby when he came home from work. I could not stop laughing at Piper’s goofy grin in this picture, such a goof.


So what did we name her? After many suggestions from my readers, we let the kids choose the name and the decisionmeet Buttercup! Do you think it suits her?


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7 comments on “New Baby Alpaca Joined the Farm Named”

  1. I think that’s a perfect name for her… 🙂

  2. I think Buttercup is a great name for her 🙂

  3. I adore the name! I always telly kids when we hop in the car to “Buckle up, Buttercup.” 😉

  4. I love the name Buttercup…suits her just dandy – little bundle of love and cuddles

  5. I saw a lot of them at the my very first Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto. I wanted to touch them but they were only interested if you had food, as were most of the other animals in the petting zoo. I was able to touch a sheep that had won 1st place in the competition area when the farmer’s daughter was grooming her.

    • They are a bit more timid, actually they don’t like to be touched over above where their neck starts (it’s a dominance thing) so as long as you pet them on the body, they are usually ok. Once they know you better, as in you are the source of their food lol, they are quite loving. Sheep are also very friendly and faithful animals. I love the ag shows/fairs; it gives a chance for all to see these beautiful animals.

  6. Alpaca wool is great because it’s warmer, not itchy, and hypoallergenic.

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