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Road Trip Tips with Kids

Some days it feels like the whole family lives in our vehicle. We are either headed to school or another daily must. Thankfully, we break up the routine with road trips.

Even the most prepared parents know, road trips with kids can get a little hectic at times. Check out these road trip tips with kids and get your drive on!

Road Trip Tips

When we think of planning, it usually starts and ends with activities to do once you get to your destination, but we tend to forget to plan for the road trip itself and the extended hours of travel while crowded in a car. offers quick road trip planning tips that will help provide a smooth and comfortable ride for all.

Plan ahead by anticipating your family’s needs during that long drive. Set a schedule for stops and bathroom breaks – unexpected stops can increase the length of a road trip. The next concern for many familiesis car sickness from adults to kids, and while very common, it’s easily fixed. Try Gravol Quick Dissolve Chewables, available for both children and adults, to prevent and treat nausea, vomiting and dizziness due to motion sickness. Chewables are easy to take while in the car and also come in delicious flavours, orange for adults and cherry for kids, to satisfy even the pickiest of tastes. 

Is the driver concerned about experiencing tummy trouble as well? Gravol™ Natural Source™ Ginger Lozenges require no water to take, and most importantly, are non-drowsy. If taste-free options are preferred, Gravol™ Liquid Gels are also a great choice.   

With Gravol on your side and a little preparation, there’s no stopping you on any summer road trip! Now pick your destination, get the family in the car, and set off to make some great family memories this summer.

Disclosure- I am part of the Church & Dwight ambassador program. All opinions expressed are honest and my own. 

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