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Rainbows and #DohVinci Art Party Giveaway

All school year long I look forward to the summer months where the kids and I can enjoy each others company and relax the days away. Reality is much different, teen spats and daily statements of “I’m bored” until the sunshine comes out again and a glimmer of a rainbow appears. Planned activities are always a great way to keep the kids entertained and minds working throughout the summer. When a DohVinci rainbow of art supplies dropped into our lives I was praising the skies; naturally a party was in order.



Every rainbow art party needs a few friends, a lot of rainbow coloured food and an endless supply of craft supplies; DohVinci had us covered. I was impressed with the selection of bright DohVinci colours and various projects that could be purchases for afternoons of creativity and fun in 3D.



Left to right – Ages 4, 6 and 10


We originally had all tween and teen ages invited to join us however not all could make it once the date of our DohVinci Rainbow party came nearer. We had no problems filling the artist positions. Thinking back to my days in the 80’s full of neon, I remember the giddy feeling I had from the colours. I could tell watching the kids eyes widen as they gazed upon the bright colours of DohVinci, the same giddy feeling was there.


Although DohVinci is intended for ages 6 years and up, our 4 year old had no intention of being left out. Baby Girl needed some supervision and help but she had so much fun creating a mason jar for her grandma who obviously took it home proudly for display. Snicker.



Left to right – Ages 13, 12 and 13


The tweens and teens were slightly more competitive with their creations; each had taken some time to think about how they wanted to express themselves and within minutes of being seated, got to work. I noticed a big difference between the ages; interestingly the younger kids spent most of their time creating their DohVinci masterpieces while the older kids were busy creating while stuffing food into their mouths. The younger ones had to use all of the deco pop shapes where the older ones stuck to a few, dependent on their design.


It was fun to watch the large age range work on the same project and end up with very different results but despite that, one thing was obvious, they all absolutely loved the DohVinci. I have never heard these kids so quiet; they sat busily creating for over an hour without arguing or complaining and that is practically unheard of.



Left to Right – Blooming DohVinci nWall Art, Sunshine and Smiles Flower Pot; Spot that Dot Picture Frame


Blooming DohVinci

  1. Choose a design. Squeakers searched the internet for a ZenTangle design that she liked and with a few small changes, used it as inspiration for her blooming flower design.
  2. Gather your deco pops. Squeakers used the flower deco pop and the styler without any deco pops to create this design freehand by eyeballing her printed ZenTangle design as a guide.
  3. Choose colours. Squeakers used all the colours in this design; the teal matches the colours in her room already so the others were the perfect accent.


Left to Right/Top to Bottom – Psychedelic Treasures jewelry box, Starburst wall art, Live Laugh Love Inspired wall art; BFF Always picture frame.


Psychedelic Treasures

  1. Choose a design. Unlike squeakers tendancy to plan, Miss Priss went with the flow with this design.
  2. Gather your deco pops. Miss Priss decided to try out all the deco pops, including just the styler to create a parttern in her design. The lines and dots were created by the styler on it’s own, without any deco pops attached.
  3. Choose colours. Miss Priss used all the colours in this design; the lime green matches the colours in her room to make the perfect accent on her bedroom trinket shelf.


Creative Inspiration


DohVinci is easy and what I liked was that it was easy clean up too. It’s clear that this party of girls loved DohVinci but we had one boy who came along for the ride and happily took a spot at the table. DohVinci would be the perfect gift or if you are planning a party; DohVinci will keep those kids entertained with self expression in 3D.


WIN a DohVinci Prize Pack

DohVinci Vanity

Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Hasbro and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


21 comments on “Rainbows and #DohVinci Art Party Giveaway”

  1. Probably some funky jewellery.

  2. I think I would make picture frames. This is so cute!

  3. I’d love for us to create a 4 square panel picture to hang on the wall in the kids’ rooms.

  4. They’d use it on Christmas gifts for the grandparents.

  5. I’m sure we would have fun making door decor!

  6. cute picture frames

  7. My niece would be using it, as she is the little artist in our family, and her imagination is pretty boundless.

  8. I have no idea what my daughter would make. She loves anything crafty and comes up with some really cute ideas. She’s already asked for this for Christmas. Thank you!

  9. We would make gifts to give to teachers and friends of my daugthers for christmas!

  10. I think we would decorate some picture frames.

  11. My daughter has started collecting picture frames, so I’m sure the grandchild would like to make frames.

  12. I would make picture frames

  13. We would create some artwork for the walls, picture frames and a few t-shirts for my kids to wear and show their artwork.


  14. I would make a picture frame.

  15. I think my Daughter would have fun decorating a jewelry box with it.

  16. Picture frames would be fun.

  17. I’d decorate a mirror for my girls’ room!

  18. I’d give this set to my daughter, wh would probably use it to make sense jewelry or decoration for her locker at school.

  19. My daughter would create Photo Albums.

  20. I would help my little girl decorate a little jewelry box for herself 🙂

  21. Awesome post! The children really enjoyed it. I’m going to try it out to my nephews. They will surely love it as well. Thanks for the inspiration.

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