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7 Fall Wreath Ideas Made Easy

Summer had technically ended with the first day of fall. Fortunately we’ve been blessed with another week of hot weather before the inevitable cold brutal winter, the Farmers Almanac predicts, takes over. Although summer is my favourite weather, with the cooler weather comes all the beautiful fall colours to decorate with. These gorgeous handmade 7 fall wreath ideas are an easy way to inspire the tones of browns, oranges and yellows in your fall decor.



From Left to Right:


For my feature I chose a budget-friendly fall swag wreath made from dried corn husks and stalks and, get this, weeds. I had everything on hand to make this and have plans for other types of decor in the same theme.




What You Need

  • Dried corn husks/leaves from the plant and other dried weeds or flowers in colour variety
  • Metal hanger
  • Wire ribbon in fall colours




  1. Once you have the dried materials, arrange them into a bunch that is appealing to the eye. Tie the bunch at the stems tightly with a piece of ribbon or string, which will be the top of your wreath. The dark dried plant in the swag is actually a weed but it was a perfect colour addition.
  2. Tie a large amount of ribbon in your choice of colour into a large bow at the top of the swag, over top of where you securely tied the stems. Arrange the bow loops until you have them just right presentation-wise. I chose burgundy and gold ribbons to accent the colours of the swag that I had lying around.
  3. Leaving the hanger hook, bend the rest of the hanger behind the swag to hide it. Hook the hanger hook through the tied ribbon at the back and hang where you want to have a beautiful fall arrangement.

Cost: $0


Where to Find Materials

If you don’t have corn stalks around and can’t find them at a neighbours or local farmer, try looking around your backyard or along a walking path for plants that, when dried, would look beautiful in fall decor. If you don’t have metal hangers like me, I asked my mother-in-law for one. The only cost to you will be purchasing the ribbon, if you don’t already have it in your craft stock.


What fall decor ideas have you made or are planning to make?


13 comments on “7 Fall Wreath Ideas Made Easy”

  1. It’s gorgeous and you’ve made it look so easy….

  2. Oh my gosh Stacey! I thought this was such a pretty swag, but I didn’t realized you made it with real corn staulks! That is SO amazing! Wish I lived closer…I would be over begging for honey and corn staulks! lol! Have a great week! Sharing this on my Facebook page today! Angie xo

  3. I love using natural elements in home decor! I wish we had access to corn here too – I’d have corn husks everywhere haha! Love your swag!

  4. This is brilliant! I love how you based the piece on a natural materials. I also found your tutorial very easy to follow and I appreciate your suggestions as to where to find the items. I am inspired!

  5. That looks awesome Stacey! Who knew a dead plant would make a gorgeous decoration?

    • Thanks Jason. lol I certainly look for budget friendly ways to decorate; simple things can really come together nicely and you don`t have to spend a fortune decorating for the holidays either.

  6. Thanks! These are beautiful wreaths!

  7. We always go to our local orchard and pick up hay bales and corn stalks to decorate for autumn/Halloween. The kids love it.

  8. Beautiful wreaths! I need to get creative and make a new one for us, our current fall wreath is looking pretty sad.

  9. those wreaths look amazing. better than store bought in some cases.

  10. Thanks for the ideas! I’ve got fall wreaths on my summer to-do list!

  11. I always change the wreath on my front door according to the season.

  12. Thanks Stacey, they look gorgeous! And it seems so easy when you explain things. I will take a look around my garden 🙂

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