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Fresh Start at Pre-School Labeling School Supplies

School is back in; many of the older kids are back already but my 4 year old is starting her first day of pre-school this week and our house has been full of preparation and lots, and lots, of squeals. Over the years my older kids have had things go missing at school resulting in frustration, tears and extra costs. Past experience reminded me this week that labeling school supplies for Baby Girl’s first day of pre-school with Mabel’s Labels will start the year off right and avoid those sad moments that come along when her things go missing.


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One specific day that jogs my memory is the day my eldest boy, came home from school with only one shoe. It sticks out in my mind because it was the first day of snow and he arrived with a missing shoe and a very cold foot, sobbing uncontrollably. I was livid. An older boy had taken it and threw it over the fence of a residence down the street. I was about stomp my way down the street in search of this poor kids shoe when the neighbour had witnessed the tail-end of the altercation, found the shoe and called the number located on the shoe, thanks to the label I had placed inside. My son was so happy his shoe was found; it was his favourite pair. Since then, labels have been an important attachment to most of my kids things whether it’s for school or sports.



Mabel’s Labels made it easy for last minute clothing labels for my pre-schooler. I hadn’t realized the teacher requested a second set of clothes, labeled with her name. I dropped by our local department store to pick up the easy to iron on blank Mabel’s Labels; now she’s set for her first day of school and I am reassured her first day will go as smoothly as possible.


For more great tips on keeping track of your children’s belongings, check out the Together Families website or join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

Mabels Labels for School


Together Families will be giving away 1 Daycare Centre pack plus 10 Mabel’s Label’s packs for families!


Tell me in the comments below how you keep track of your kids belongings at school or sports and head over to the Together Families contest HERE to enter.


Good Luck!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written for the Together Families campaign. All opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. Mabel’s Labels all the way! Both of my girls went to school on the first day with everything labelled – I would have even labelled them if they let me! Thanks to Mabel’s, we’ve never had anything join the mountainous heap of lost things at school.

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