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Recently I up-cycled gorgeous vintage lamps to a more glitz and glamour version. I also purchased a couple wingback chairs that I plan to reupholster for a classic modern set in my living room. Used and up-cycle have become a regular part of my vocabulary so it’s no secret that my BIG deal personality came though as a bit of a DIY Diva.



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Have you looked at your local site recently? I bet there are some pretty amazing deals to be found and I would love to hear all about them.
Have you taken the quiz to find out your BIG deal personality?

Here is the cast of BIG deal characters:

  1. The DIY Diva – ain’t nothing you can’t do with a $1 Mason jar

  2. The Hunter – all the deals will be yours. All of them

  3. The Flipper – you love the hunt, but you love the ROI even more

  4. The Savvy Spender – buy a little, sell a little, it’s all chill

  5. The Happy Hoarder – you don’t want it, you NEED it


Which BIG deal personality are you?



Join us Wednesday September 17th for the #UsedParty with for an hour of fun, conversation and PRIZES!


BUT first, we want to know your USED questions. Normally we ask the questions but this time we’ll also ask you to ask us and you’ll win a prize if your question is chosen to be featured at the party!


RSVP via the Mr. Linky at the bottom of the page! 

Date: Wednesday, September 17th

Time: 6 p.m. PDT

Hosts: @UsedEverywhere

Moderator: @thislilpiglet@XtremeCouponMom

Hashtag: #UsedParty

Prize: Swag, swag and more fabulous swag, plus a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera!

Questions: Please leave your questions for us in the comments. If your question is chosen, you win a prize


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.

41 comments on “#UsedParty Twitter Party Alert”

  1. I took the Quiz and one day I was a Diva (which is fine with me) and the next week I was a Hoarder (a happy one). Is it possible that you may change depending on how you feel that given day? 🙂

  2. I just recently came upon your fabulous site. As a new user, how would you recommend handling face-to-face transactions? There have been so many horror stories lately regarding “making deals online.”

  3. For DIY Divas: do you plan your projects or do you prefer to DIY in the spur of the moment?

  4. For DIY Divas: have you ever spent more money to decorate an item than it cost to get the item itself?

  5. For DIY Divas: have you ever had a DIY project fail? What did you learn from it?

  6. For DIY Divas: What was your first DIY project? Sucess or Failure? Did you learn anything from it?

  7. When will UsedEverywhere come to my city?

  8. Never heard of the site. It will be interesting.

  9. How do you handle someone that buys your item on a site and is a no show to pick it up?

  10. With all the worries about bed bugs, lice, etc, how can we ensure safety when buying and using previously loved items?

  11. Could you please advise of safety tips for when posting an ad and more importantly when arranging to meet someone for a potential sale. Thank you!

  12. My question is: What’s your favorite item that you’ve ever bought used?

  13. When buying used furniture how can you be 100% sure you aren’t bringing little ‘friends’ (bedbugs, fleas) into your house along with other things (urine smelling furniture, cat spraying)? People cover them up but a week later…dun dun dun.

  14. What’s the strangest thing that you’ve seen posted in a for sale/wanted/free post

  15. What do you do with all those old unused CDs that seem to be laying around the house?

  16. Amazing prizes!

  17. Excited for the party! I always enjoy my time with you all! Thanks!

  18. When at a garage sale, how do you determine quality of goods you’d like to upcycle? I see some great furniture only to find out it is a poor quality replica not worth redoing lol

  19. My Questions –
    1. What ideas do you have for protecting ourselves when selling or buying online? I’m talking about the actual face to face meet when visiting someones home or when a buyer comes to our home. I’m so wary of having strangers in the home or going into the home of someone I don’t know. Many Thanks
    2. Are their any laws when selling and buying electricals , would I be liable if someone hurts themselves with something I have sold that was faulty? even if I had no idea it was faulty?
    3. What should I look for when buying furniture to restore , what should I avoid , how would I check for woodworm etc

  20. so excited! Good luck to al the rsvp’ers

  21. MY used question is what do I do if I buy something used and it doesn’t work ?

  22. Here are my questions-

    – What is the strangest thing you’ve purchased used?
    – What tips do you have for safety when buying used from strangers?
    – What is the one thing you’ve been searching for used & still haven’t found?
    – What is the best deal you’ve ever gotten on a used item?
    – Do you worry about bed bugs & other creepy things when buying used? What are your tips to prevent bringing unwanted guests home?

  23. How often do you sell or give away items on Used Everywhere?

  24. What makes Used Everywhere stand apart from other internet classified sites and that would peek my interest?

  25. What is something you will never buy used?

  26. My question is what is the best way to list your ad? Can you over do it? Do too many pictures, wordy descriptions scare off potential buyers?

  27. How can you tell if the used item is a valuable antique and whether or not to repurpose it or leave it as is.

  28. Question – How do I know its not stolen if I buy a vehicle ?

    Question – How do I tell if it’s solid wood when buying furniture?

    Question – What should I NEVER buy used?

  29. What are some tips to making sure I finish all my up cycling, and not leaving them unfinished?!

  30. Questions:

    Do you feel that pets should be allowed to be sold online by anyone?

    How do you come up with a reasonable price for your product/service?

  31. What should you never buy used?

    What motivated you to do your very first DIY project?

  32. Do you every worry about bringing bugs & little critters into your house when you buy used furniture? How do you know its been cleaned to your satisfaction?

  33. Would you every buy a used mattress at a yard sale?

  34. Love the questions above especially about spending more on a project compared to just buying it..thoughts please, twitter fan@plumerea

  35. What’s a good refinishing project for a firsttime DIY’er?

  36. DIY Divas,

    If you had a million dollars (or not) , what big project have you been dreaming of doing but have been putting off because of money constraints?

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