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Fall Farm Scenes: Harvest, Sunshine; Farm Animals Babies

Fall is always a busy season in the farming community. For our farm, the sheep are soon to lamb, farm animals the last harvest of honey and the surroundings are filled with a mass harvest of the crops.  When the dust settles, the last moments of summer can be enjoyed before the trees turn and the leaves fall to leave them bare.


The barn is one of my favourite things to look at in the morning. I don’t know what it is but the rundown peeling appearance of a weathered barn that has seen many days just seems to speak a story all it’s own. I sit with my coffee and gaze out the window in a moment of peace before the kids start to wake and the chaos begins; it’s a small moment of tranquility.




We lamb twice a year with our Dorset breed sheep flock, spring and fall. Soon we will be lambing again but new life has already been frolicking around the farm with fuzzy paws and kissable faces. Could anything be cuter than kittens? Just ask my daughter and she will tell you all of their names. This one is Marshmallow.



I cannot get enough of this funny little face. Buttercup was born at the beginning of the summer season and she has become quite comfortable with her new sheep friends and Alpaca family. We are certain her mother, Muffin, is again pregnant with an Alpaca due around the beginning of summer 2015. How do we know this? Well, I won’t get into the crazy details but it’s definitely an educational experience when Alpacas breed with a lot of noise involved. The first time, I thought something happened to one of the animals and I was all in a panic until it dawned on me what was really going on. Poor Buttercup doesn’t have hands to cover her eyes, or ears for that matter. Smirk.




Harvest is a dusty business. I have allergies so I try to stay indoors as much as possible when the combines begin circling our farm. What once was a beautiful flowing crop of wheat is quickly reduced to a field of nicely groomed yellow stubble. The kids love to watch out the window as the combines do their work.




This is a sight you don’t see everyday, a John Deere Combine Conga Line, as one of my Instagram followers called it. These aren’t ours but fellow neighbour farmers who farm the land around us and my in-laws land. With this many combines, it doesn’t take long to clear a field; as long as the weather holds.




You hear jokes about the prairies like , If your dog ran away, you’d see him for days. Yes, the prairies are a flatter landscape but we have many hills and valleys where coulees run through; our house was built on one of them and I love having this view for miles, especially on sunny days like this where the skies are dancing with colours and puffy clouds.
unnamed (6)


Precious are moments like these where the Littles can play with the animals for hours and I don’t have to worry. By the looks of it, Pork Chop enjoys every belly-rub he can get.




Oh, Buttercup. She makes me smile daily.


What has made you smile lately? 


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9 comments on “Fall Farm Scenes: Harvest, Sunshine; Farm Animals Babies”

  1. I used to laugh, a LOT, at that joke “If your dog ran away, you’d see him for days.” It used to be funny to me, until our 5 month old pup decided to run away from the acreage. Truth is, you can see them for maybe a minute. He’s home safe and sound and needless to say, I don’t see the humor in that anymore!

  2. omg all these pictures! The Alpacas are adorable! We went to an Alpaca farm not long ago and they were nice enough to bring us inside to see the babies. I didn’t want to leave! They’re so precious.

    My family makes me smile. Not just lately. Always.

  3. Buttercup is SO cute, just love that face! That kitten is adorable too!

  4. that’s a cute kitty

  5. i like the picture of the yellow stubble.

  6. Buttercup is adorable.

  7. Buttercup is priceless! What a face! My grandson makes me smile on a daily basis! Life on a farm is certainly different from life in the city isn’t it?

  8. The animals are so cute, especially the Alpacas 🙂

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